Saturday, July 23, 2005

Todays Head Lines

Hey Guys! Yesterday was mowing so today is weed eating. My Christian Heritage article is almost done, but it still needs a thing or two done to it before posting. It turned into quite a paper before it was over, and should be a good read when posted. in the mean time, here are some links to the top news stories so far this morning. Have a good one!


Terrorists attack Egypt

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Comments:Terrorists don't care if the people they kill are Muslum, Christian or otherwise. They just want to kill people.

London police make 2nd arrest linked to blasts

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Comments: They caught another one. Good deal.

Bush Speaks of Roberts credentials

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Comments: In this article, the reporter states that the pro-lifers appear to be behind Mr. Roberts. I think the key here in abortion. If he is pro-life, then confirm him.(over a filibuster if need be)

A guide to the Supreme Court nomination

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Comments: A well written guide through the legal process of becoming a justice on the United States highest court.

1 comment:

Agent Tim said...

I've been thinking about Roberts. You know that the pro-lifers are behind him, but why??? I think it goes back to your previous analysis of him.

Ann Coulter wasn't for him...she doesn't think he's conservative enough. Think that could be the case?