Sunday, December 02, 2007

Success, what is thy standard?

Wealth, beauty, fame, fortune, just what is this elusive phantom we call success? What is the end goal of life? Observe...and discern.

A family of our acquaintance is frankly rolling in money. The entire family seems to enjoy every creature comfort imaginable, they also have been gifted with extraordinary talent in the arts, in athletics, and in many other areas. Many would find it easy to define them as the example of "success." Yet, this family struggles with rebellion, drunkenness and other vices. It would seem that perhaps in chasing "success" they have lost something, the hearts of their children. Is it worth it?

A young girl I know of has been given great outward beauty. She always seems to be dressed "perfectly" and is always current on the latest fashions, yet, it is known that she struggles greatly with depression in her maintenance of her outward looks.

I recently was able to purchase a laptop for a discounted price during Black Friday. Right after making my purchase, I went to a fast food place to get a bit to eat. While waiting inside for my order, I found myself worrying that someone would smash the window in of my car and cart away my new possession. Worry had been added to my life that hadn't been there before, just with the addition of a new earthly thing. What does this tell us about life in general?

As I seek the carer the Lord would have for me, it would be relatively easy to seek a job with a high salary. A patent attorney in Dallas Texas I know of makes $280,000 each year, if one so chose, money could be obtained in large amounts in a carer of that type. With that kind of money, the cars, the house(s), every imaginable earthly dream moves into reality. Yet, at what cost?

It chasing down money a worthy cause on which to sacrifice the souls of one's family? Certainly not. Does great outward beauty remove all thoughts of how people view your outward appearance? It would appear not. Does a nice new laptop add a worry to life? Why, yes it does. So is it these things that we should be chasing in life? Or is it...something bigger?

I believe that money can and is used for good, however, the LOVE of money is the root of all evil as the proverb says. I believe that beauty of the outside fades, but spiritual beauty lasts a lifetime. I believe that laptops are nice, but treasures in heavan are far better. So, as we follow the Lord in His ways of hard work and dillegence, if things like money, beauty, and material things are the partial fruit of that labor, let us remember the things of true value they are the shadows of. In wealth, let us not forget family, in beauty of the outer, let us glory in the beauty of the inner, in times of a laptop, let's remember where are true treasure needs to lie.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

The Destiny of Man

Destiny? The very word sends thrills through my very heart. The fire of passion lights within me, and my being trembles in awe. Destiny...the purpose God Almighty Himself has laid out for His servants, each individuals own private blueprint of life, the perfect use of God's creation in full rapport and agreement with His will.

Marriage to the perfect woman? Children of unlimited character and quality? Reformation of nations? Triumph of good over evil, with the the very banner carried by the likes of Churchill, Washington, Lincoln, yes, Christ Himself. Salvation for billions in the path of Billy Graham. Destiny...the thrill of knowing God is with you. What is it for me?

Fiction and history both deluge forth examples to follow, in the Star Wars universe, can anyone not create a personal likeness that would love to posses in that world? Can a perusal of history fail to produce a role model? In whatever one sees, cannot one find a role to be filled?

Yet, in this world, reality seems to cloud the clear vision of fiction and past fact. The highly defined lines of stories and dreams blear before the eyes of the present and the now. Yet...the inspiration remains...the dream lives on.

What were the heroes of the world thinking at 20 years of age? Washington was busily surveying the wild country beyond the Appalachians, little thinking perhaps that Destiny held for him the honor of heading the birth of a world super-power. Did Jesus know in the carpentry shop the the cross and eternal salvation for all was His quest? Churchill at my age was getting shot at in South Africa, to coin his famous phrase, "Nothing in the world is so exhilarating as to be shot at with no effect." Already his wit had revealed itself. Did Ronald Reagan have any idea what awaited him in his later years? Does a John Doe have any inkling of his life's path? Yet life goes on...

My very soul longs for the glories and triumphs of the men before me, "what am I to do?" is my prayer. The good they were able to do, the people they saved, the advancements they made, all culminating with us, in the here and now. The triumphs, the dreams, the visions, yes, even the defeats, the failings, they all lie at our feet, waiting for us to take them on to our children, and our grandchildren. What they do with them rests with themselves and God, but right now, they are ours to grasp, to hold, to run on this leg of the human experience. Who grasps? Who holds? Who is worthy of this cause?

Will the futile, the frivolous, do these causes honor? Will the stench of godlessness rule our generation? Or will we take up the sword of rightousness and strike the beast to the ground? What will be done? What will I do? What will you do?

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Rejection or Acceptance?

Over the past several years, I have noticed a strange phenomenon accruing among the young people in the homeschooling movement in our area. When children are small, a great like-mindedness is present among the vast majority of homeschooling parents. All children should be respectful, obedient, kind considerate, reverent, etc. These principles are in most cases universal and parents enforce them as such. However, as children blossom into youth, and youth rapidly become young adults, standards start to shift. As young homeschoolers grow near the time of "coming of age" homeschooling parents react in a plethora of different ways. Some parents throw the reins to the ground, and let their almost grown kids run wildly about, disgracing with their actions Christianity and the home-education movement. Other families raise their children to this age with no seeming change in behavior.

What makes the difference?

Why does one child follow Christ while another forsakes? Why does one child faithfully await a pure marriage and in the end, receives with great joy, God's partner for their lives, while another jumps ship and commits fornication at the first opportunity?

After I found myself asking these questions, I remembered a resource that shed light upon that very topic. Check it out here. It really helped me out, and I hope it will help you as well.

Saturday, October 13, 2007


Greetings Friends, Readers, and Spam Bots,

After more then a year of posting hibernation, the Blogging Boy Scout has returned to the blogosphere, under a new name, and with new thoughts and ideas to share.

Since we last meet, I have completed two semesters in college, and am busily working on a third. My relationship with the Lord is growing. My Mustang continues to run well and remains a joy in my life. The Lord is faithful and continues to work and mold me into one of His people. My career path remains in the shadows of the unknown, but I am confident the Lord will make it plain to me in His good time.

During my blogging absence, I find that my good friends Alex and Kierstyn are courting, Regenerate Our Culture keeps marching on and Agent Tim continues to change the world. Theses are good things that are happening in our world, and I am proud to even have the knowledge of them. So much of the world is full of hate, lust, lewdness, and vile, yet Christ's light continues to shine through those who have seen even a glimpse of His glory.

God saw all that He had made, and behold, it was very good.
~Genesis 1:31

Through good times and bad, may the Lord continue to grow His chosen ones.

The Scouting Student,
Travis Henry