Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Police, Private Eyes and Other News

Hello everyone!

I have a lot of things to tell you about, life has been quite exciting since Thanksgiving. :-)
First of all, as we were driving home from a very good day at Grandma's thanksgiving night, we arrived home to see a strange pick-up in our driveway. We drove in the driveway and crept up slowly in our suburban. We took down the trucks tag number as we looked at the house from the safety of the suburban. After thinking a bit, we backed down the driveway, closed the gate and zoomed to the police station. After arriving, we had the police run the tag number and we found that the pickup belonged to an old friend of the family and had most likely broken down and had been pushed into our drive. So we went back home, looked the house over real good and collapsed into bed.

Then, today Mom and I got to talk to a private investigator. :-D He was out working his day job with our electric company and he started telling us about his off-the-job adventures. He is a black belt in Judo and Ju Jitsu, and doesn't carry a gun on the job. :-) He told us how one time an old lady with a broom almost beat him to death when he served her with a court notice about her daughters unpaid for car.(she was a co-signer for this vehicle, and therefore could be served with papers) She thought he was trying to evict her from her house and defended it valiantly. :-) finally, they both started laughing and she quit hitting him long enough for him to tell her why he was really there. He was quite a fun fellow to talk to. I greatly enjoyed the conversation.

I have so many ideas for articles, the problem seems to be having time to write. I hope to see all of you here again soon.


Thursday, November 24, 2005


May your feasts be blessed with plenty and your souls be filled with Christ's love this Thankgiving.

Have a great day everyone!

The Blogging Boy Scout,

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Companies Ban 'Christmas,' Not Worried About Backlash

Another timely AFA email. It is particularly interesting considering our last episode of Square Talk Radio.

Dear Travis,

Several retailers have joined in the push to ban the use of "Christmas" in their in-store promotions and retail advertising. The new push to eliminate "Christmas" and replace it with "Happy Holidays," "Season's Greetings," etc. is gaining ground with several retailers participating. Not wanting to offend a handful of complainers, these companies are willing to offend the vast majority who hold Christmas as a time to celebrate the birth of Christ. Their attitude is that those who identify themselves as Christians don't care if they eliminate "Christmas." While it is too late to make changes this year, we have already sent letters to several major retailers we have identified as participating in banning "Christmas," asking them to put Christmas back into their in-store promotions and retail advertising next year. We have sent letters to the chairmen of Target, Home Depot, Wal-Mart, Kmart/Sears, Costco, Kohl's and Lowe's about their practice. (Lowe's even refuses to promote their trees as Christmas trees, but calls them "Holiday Trees." Their toll-free number is 1-800-445-6937.) Please sign our petition letting these companies know that banning "Christmas" in their promotions and advertising next year will result in a loss of business. As we identify other companies participating in this practice, we will contact them. We need your support to be effective. That is why we need your petition. Please help us get the word out by forwarding this to your friends and family. Many of them will want to participate. We will keep you informed on which companies make changes and which ones refuse.

Click Here To Sign The Petition Now! Thanks for caring enough to get involved.

Donald E. Wildmon, Founder and Chairman American Family Association

Comments from Travis: I feel that removing the "Christmas" from Christmas is tacky at best, liberal pandering at worse. Why is there no problem with Halloween decorations in department stores? Why is Christmas the one major holiday they must single out for "politically correct editing"? Please support the AFA and sign this petition.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Our Future - Safe In Christ

Hello everyone,

I have been thinking tonight about my past, present and future. Looking back on my life so far I remember, the 50 mile hike our Scout troop took in the New Mexico mountains. Our troop was a team. We sweated through snow, rain and blistering heat together. We working through the seemingly endless rows of merit badges required for Eagle Scout. Then, together we walked together up onto the platform and our dad's pinned on our Eagle badges. I remember the feeling of walking onto the campus of NorthEastern A&M college and for the first time in my life spending a week with people I did not know. I remember the joys of seeing my mother, sister and one of my little brothers, crossing the college grounds when the time came to go home. I greatly enjoyed my time there, but there is truly no place like home. I remember the time Dad and I were out looking for lost cows, I was just a little fellow not more then 4 or 5 years old, and Dad picked me up and carried me across the creek on his shoulders. I recall the one memory that sticks in my head about my Grandpa Troy. He and Dad where feeding cows and I got to ride along. I remember him laughing and what a good time it was to be riding with "the big guys" doing a man's job. I recall the many times my other Grandad would grab me and wrestle with me while I screamed with glee or the many times he, Dad and I would be hard at work changing the oil on our suburban. The times out on a camping trip or driving through a pasture on a starlight night, reflecting on the wonder of God's creation.

Then my thought began to cross into the unknown, the future of Travis Henry. Here I am, an 18 year old boy who has been blessed with so much in his short lifetime so far. I am set to graduate in May and with that will close one chapter of my scholastic life. Where will life go from there? The doors of college loom large before me. I want to be equipped for whatever God would have me to do with the rest of my life and college seems to be the best way for me to achieve that. On December the 10th, I will retake the ACT test. If my score is raise sufficiently I can get a full ride scholarship to ECU, a local community college. Please pray for me as I prepare for that test. After college, only One knows. Law School? Congress? Marriage? Family? I am encouraged by the words of the Holy Scriptures.

"Jer 29:11 'For I know the plans that I have for you,' declares the LORD, 'plans for welfare and not for calamity to give you a future and a hope."

Blessings upon you all,

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Life and Happenings

(Sounds like the name of a blog...)

Hello everyone!

Today my family went on a field trip to a local pie factory. We got to watch 15oo pies being baked at the same time, and even brought a few some home! My sister and I had been on this trip before but it was the first time for my two younger brothers. they both enjoyed it greatly.

For some cyberspace news, check out our new episode of Square Talk Radio.

Tim , Alex and I are all taking about the Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons and the way liberals are trying to pull the Christianity out of both holidays. Please head over there and give it a download!

I have been working on my math a good deal as of late in preparation for the ACT coming up in December. I hope to raise my score by some 3 points and that will take some study.

I checked out some good books from the library this week on of which is about Patrick Henry. The title (cleverly enough) is 'Patrick Henry - Firebrand of the Revolution". It is an enjoyable book that I would recommend to any reader.

My dad and I attended a defensive driving class in order to both improve our driving and get a lower insurance rate. During the class, the instructor was telling us the penalties other countries give drunk drivers. Here are a few of them.

Russia - license is revoked for life
Sweden - One to two year in prison.
El Salvador - Death By firing squad(!)

Well, I guess El Salvador doesn't have a problem with second offenders...

That's all for now!

The Blogging Boy Scout,

You can help END partial-birth abortion

(A somewhat edited email I got from the ACLJ today.)

Tomorrow, our major brief will be filed at the Supreme Court of the United States in the Gonzales v. Carhart case.
This case represents our opportunity to see partial-birth abortion BANNED in our country once and for all.
And we will not back down!

As you may recall, Congress approved a national ban on this horrible procedure years ago.
But it was hardly a victory for us:

The law was almost immediately challenged in three separate legal cases in Nebraska, New York, and California.

In the Nebraska case - thanks to the ruling of an activist judge - a federal appeals court declared the ban unconstitutional.

In response, the U.S. Solicitor General filed a petition with the Supreme Court to uphold the constitutionality of the ban and reverse the lower court's ruling.
Our major brief supports the government's position and represents 70 members of Congress.
The ACLJ has been involved in defending the national ban on partial-birth abortion since its passage by Congress - and we will not stop now!

It is time to see an end to the murder-torture of partially-born babies in our country!

We are confident the Justices of the Supreme Court will consider arguments for and against the constitutionality of a ban on partial-birth abortion ... the practice of beginning the live delivery of a baby, only to interrupt the process by stabbing the baby to death while the head is still in the womb.

With your help and God's wisdom, we can see the federal ban on partial-birth abortion upheld.

Thank you for standing with us as we ask the Supreme Court of the United States to protect unborn children!

Travis' Comments: Who in their right mind could think that the constitution of the United States allows for such gostly MURDER!?!

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Newdow Files Suit To Take National Motto Off Currency

(An AFA email)

Tells ACLU meeting "In God We Trust" must go

Dear Travis,

Michael Newdow, who has already filed a suit to take "under God" out of the Pledge of Allegiance, is now suing to remove our national motto from our currency. Newdow told the ACLU of Oklahoma that the national motto on U.S. currency is a violation of the separation of church and state. He is offended because he is an atheist. He wants to use the Federal courts to make his atheism the official religion of America.

Newdow filed in the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals which recently ruled that judges, not parents, have the final say in what will be taught school children concerning sex education. These same liberal judges supported Newdow and ruled that the phrase "under God" in the Pledge of Allegiance was unconstitutional. That suit was dismissed due to a technicality so Newdow sued again. The 9th U.S. Circuit is expected to agree with Newdow. The case will then go to the U.S. Supreme Court for final action.

Help us secure one million signatures on the petition below to stop Newdow. Remember that only one personMadelyn Murray O'Harewas able to get prayer in schools banned. We must not allow one personNewdowto get our national motto removed from our currency by our silence.

During the last session of Congress, Representative Chip Pickering introduced a constitutional amendment to guarantee the right to use and recite the motto and the Pledge of Allegiance. Your petition will encourage Rep. Pickering to re-introduce his constitutional amendment in the present session of Congress and send a message to the liberal judges of the 9th U.S. Circuit.

Please act quickly, and forward this to friends and family.

Click here to sign the petition now!

Donald E. Wildmon, Founder and ChairmanAmerican Family Association

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Another Busy Day *Updated*

Hello everyone!

I hear that Texas passed a law defining marriage as between a man and a woman. My complete support goes to them. God made marriage, not the government and only God should be allowed to change his law. Government tinkering will only damage our culture farther.

I am currently working on a bit of fiction writing in my spare time. It is somewhat akin to the Hardy Boys books. I may share that with you at some future time.

More at a later time,

Have a great day folks!


Monday Update:

Hey Guys!
I have checked back in and am looking forward to answering comments have have received the past few days. Look for more blogging as time permits. (Hopefully tonight)

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Boy Scouts under attack...again

Today, the ACLJ has again represented you and your interests by filing our major brief with the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit.

Here's the crux of the situation:

With the help of the ACLU, Mr. Eugene Winkler and other taxpayers brought a lawsuit against the military for their support of the National Scout Jamboree, held every four years.

(It is important to note that the military has provided service and support for this national event since 1937. Furthermore, Congress passed the Jamboree statute in 1972 to formally recognize the military's role in the Jamboree.)

The plaintiffs argued that the Jamboree statute - and others - were laws ''respecting an establishment of religion'' in violation of the First Amendment ...

... since the Boy Scouts' oath contains an affirmation to God.

The District Court agreed.

As this case makes its way to the appeals court, the ACLJ is ready to continue fighting for religious freedom in America!

Bearing the signatures of 88 members of the House and Senate, our brief contends that - among other things - the Jamboree statute was written by Congress to help the military pursue its own recruiting and public relations interests through involvement with private organizations ...

... not to promote the Boy Scouts of America's religious beliefs.

This is just another blatant attempt by the ACLU and others to destroy the Boy Scouts of America - because it is part of the scouts' oath to affirm their belief in God.

The Boy Scouts Jamboree is a time-honored national tradition ... we cannot allow it to be destroyed to advance the liberal cause of the ACLU and others!

The ACLJ will continue to fight this unconstitutional ruling and will keep you updated on our progress in the days to come.

Travis' Comments: More hogwash coming from the ACLU. But then again, what can we expect.

Monday, November 07, 2005

Busy Days filled with Future Promise

Hey guys!

Today was science lab so we went into town early this afternoon, which pushed our days schedule back which seems to place blogging back a few levels in priority. :-( Dad and I enjoyed working on some Algebra problems together in preparation for my upcoming second taking of the ACT test. I need it raise my score some 3 points in order to get a scholarship and math was my weakest subject last time so I am really wanting to work on that. However, I did have some time to think about some neat topics I would like to write on including, the French Muslim riots and what the United States can learn from the 17th century British about fighting terrorists. I hope to address these issues sometime in the near future.

Also, Alex posted the new Square Talk show about gun control. In it Tim plays the liberal and Alex and I play conservatives. Both sides may or may not hold to the side they were debating, but it was a ton of fun to make and I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as we enjoyed making it!

Have a great day!


Saturday, November 05, 2005

Blog Round Up

Group Updates:

A Sidetracked Focus is new new group blog designed for Christian Blble study for teen and others. Please havea look!
(Founding members include: Spunky Jr., Tim Sweetman, Mission 3:6Teen and Coie Igarashi)

Virtue Mag is up!
(Private Note: My article on why Miers resigned is up here)

Square Talk Radio should be doing its gun control show soon.

Personal Blog Round-up:

Agent Tim posted about the HITMAN shows. *grin*

D3 is gone up the the mountains somewhere.

The Kings Highway brings us a great post called "Liberals' opinion on the War in Iraq"
*Hint: They flip-flopped)

Mission36Teen has a great post on Trusting the Lord.

Pete is out of pocket, but he endorses Alito for SCOTUS.

With stories like this (Hat Tip: PersecutionBlog) who can believe that Mohomandism is a peaceful religion?

ROFL! ReliablePolitics lists some terribly funny warning lables. Have a look.

SecDef played paintball the other day!

Smarthomeschool posts about HITMAN as well as a cool blogger program that lets you see which links your visitors click on! Sounds really cool...

Yikes! Sold Out warns us of incoming lawyers, for bloggers. Have a look.

SpunkyJunior takes on Xanga (Watch out Kristin, some Xanga crazy lawyer might sue you...) /end of bad joke *grin*

David Ketter is taking a break from blogging for a time.

The Rebelution brings us the story of post prime time Katrina survivors.

This post was brought to you by Travis and is crossposted @ Virtue Blog

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Late Post

I am sorry everyone, today was quite busy and I was unable to get a post put together. I hope to have more tomorrow! Thanks for coming!


Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Virtue Article

Hey guys!

Agent Tim and I are both writing articles for Virtue today so blogging my be a bit light in this part of the blogosphere. My article is set to be about Alito so look your more of my full thoughts on that topic in VM on Saturday. However before I do that, I would like to point out a kind of cool thing that a group of students at Patrick Henry College have found to do with their time. They make movies!

Click here for downloads.

These are CIA-type spy films done on the East Coast.(which includes D.C.) They do have some fighting, shooting, etc, so viewer discretion is advised.

Senate's 'Gang of 14' Fractures Over Alito

Have a great day all!


Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Alito cheered by Conservatives

(Crossposted @ Virtue Blog
AP News and Commentary:

ST Update: The new Square Talk Radio show is up! Tim Sweetman, Alex King and I discuss the Miers downfall on this very exciting show. There is an error on the main site right now so you can download your copy here.

Abortion battle looms after Bush names new top court pick

Conservatives enthusiastic about Alito

This morning, praise keeps rolling in from the right side of the isle supporting Alito, while from the lift comes whining and muttered threats of filibuster. Just what a conservative loves to hear on a judicial nominee, cheering Republicans and booing Democrats. And to top it all aff the "gang of 14" or "mod squad" is said to be breaking up. When Democrats like Sen. Barbara Boxer started throwing out quotes like,"The filibuster's on the table," right wing members of the "mod squad" such as Sen. Mike DeWine began to pull out.

"If someone would filibuster ... I would be prepared to vote to change the rules," said Sen. Mike DeWine, R-Ohio.
DeWine is one of the 14 centrist senators that Democrats need to sustain a filibuster of a Supreme Court nominee. Without the group's seven Republicans, Democrats would not be able to prevent Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist, R-Tenn., from abolishing judicial filibusters and confirming judges with just the Senate's 55-member Republican majority.

The Democrats are on a downhill slide and the Republican leadership is getting ready for any desperate actions the liberals might throw at them.

Sen. Bill Frist said he's ready to move against judicial filibusters, using what Republicans call the "constitutional option," if Democrats force him to. "If a filibuster comes back, I'm not going to hesitate," he told "The Tony Snow Show" on Fox News.

What better way to start a day in Washington?