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Supreme Court News

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First from the ACLJ website, we have this very good article intitled:

Why Should Christians Care About the Supreme Court Nominee?

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Breaking News! Supreme Court Chief Justice William Rehnquist released from hospital.

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Comments: If one justice resigning causes this much rumpus, what will two at the same time do?

Democrats put forth Supreme Court names

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" Top Senate Democrats floated the names of potential candidates for the Supreme Court on Tuesday in a meeting with President Bush, describing them as the type of nominee who could avoid a fierce confirmation battle. "

I couldn't care less about a confirmation battle, so long as we get a pro-life strict constitutionalist justice.
Also on this topic, please view this article by Jay Sekulow of the ACLJ intitled, " Why President Bush Should Reject a "Consensus" Nominee for the Supreme Court:

"Poll: Should gender or race be a consideration? "

Nope, not at all. It is the issues that matter in this case, not the "political correctness" of the nominee.

"The meeting came at a time when the president is under pressure from conservatives who want a court that will reverse precedent on abortion rights*, affirmative action, homosexual rights and other issues. Some conservatives have criticized Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, who is close to Bush and frequently mentioned as a potential candidate, questioning whether he would vote to overturn the landmark 1973 court ruling that gave women the constitutional right to an abortion.
Seeking a 'consensus candidate'For their part, Democrats are urging Bush to seek a A consensus candidate, one who would win confirmation without a bitter struggle. But they have relatively little leverage in purely numerical terms. Republicans hold 55 seats in the Senate and can confirm any of Bush's picks unless Democrats mount a filibuster. The White House would need 60 votes to overcome that."

Yes, we have elected Republicans leaders for a reason, we went Roe vs. Wade overthrown. Now Republicans, get ur done!
*Abortion rights? Perfect example of liberal bias in the MSM. If we are talking about President Bush's Social Security plan, it is "controversial". But if we are talking about abortion it is a "right".

Abortion clash awaits Supreme Court nominee

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This article belongs the the AP, so I can't copy/paste, but I will try to comment never the less.

The Republicans have in the past done a pretty bad job of picking nominees.

I agree. That is why we MUST have someone he has proven that they are opposed to abortion. Former Justice O'Conner claimed to be pro-life but them flipped once she was on the court.

Gonzales voted to allow a teenager to have an abortion without telling her parents.

That's bad. If Gonzales is for the secret murder of a tiny baby, he is not the man I want on our United State Supreme Court.

Bush honesty rating drops to lowest point

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Comments: First of all, this poll only polled some 1,009 people, and I don't really think Bush's ratings are falling as a whole. However the reason they may be falling temporarily might be because he said that abortion would not be a main point in picking a new justice.

Also, I would like to give Dan Lacey over at Faithmouse a hat tip for the link on his blog. Thanks Dan. I really enjoy your cartoon. As they say, "a picture is worth a thousand words" and your cartoons usually are. Thanks for being in the blogosphere.

Also from the Wall Street Journal, In Judge Battle, Mr. Sekulow Plays A Delicate Role

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