Wednesday, July 06, 2005

George...Don't Back Down Now!!!

Bush: Abortion Won't Decide Court Nominee

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Comments: GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR. Sir, there can be no moderate compromise on this supreme court nominee! We must have a pro life justice who will flip Roe v. Wade! As a nation we can choose to be a Christian nation as our forefathers laid out, or we can be a atheist, agnostic junk heap subject to impending judgment. There can be no compromise on abortion. Our nation can be Christian or it can be liberal. There can be no middle ground. We must choose righteousness.


David Ketter said...

Amen, Travis! It's obvious that pragmatic moderate politics are "in" now...maybe we should get GenJ mobilized? ;)

SecDef- said...

Yes! I''m guessing Ned will address that issue in the next GenJ email....we can't waste this opportunity!

Steven Nichols said...

Hello Travis, stumbled onto your site today and couldn't resist adding a comment.

Supreme Court nominees are usually the longest lasting legacy of a President. Unfortunately, Conservative do not have a very good track record with the Supreme Court. Of the last 10 appointments under a Republican President, 7 have turned out to be liberals. As you said, we cannot compromise...not again.

Travis said...

David and SecDef,

Yes, lets get GenJ moblilised and stand up for the values of Christainity. :-D

Yes, conservitives don't have that great of a record selecting justices. :-( That is why this time we must make no mistake. We MUST have a pro-life strict constitutionalist who will base his/her judgements on our founding documents and the Word of God. To quote you, sir:

"we cannot compromise...not again."

Talon said...

I agree...the GOP prez club has done a rotten job of stacking the court. It's hard to believe that Ford appointed John Paul Stevens, Reagan appointed O'Connor (read Ann Coulter's column today on her "legacy"), and GHWB appointed Souter. With the Republicans dominating the White House over the past 35 years, we should have an amazingly conservative court! Kudos to Bill Clinton...he managed to appoint judges who adhere to his own liberal worldview (Ginsburg and Breyer). It's time for GWB to undo the damage and get a true-blue rock solid conservative on the Supreme Court. And he needs to appoint 2 more before he leaves the job.

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