Friday, July 29, 2005

Good Morning!

Hey guys!

I have had some great comments today, I have tried to answer the ones that have a point to them, and not so much the ones that call me things like "scum" and "liar".

I have a article to finish today for Virtue Magazine. It is the first in a three part series on "Christianity in Government". This and many other great articles should be up at Virtue on Monday.

More coming soon.

The Blogging Boy Scout,


Anonymous said...

Hi Travis...

I enjoy your blog and appreciate what you are doing by standing up to what you believe.
When my oldest son was 16, he joined the Explorer Scouts. They did hiking, mountain climbing, worked on refurbishing a small sea craft, and did repelling. Well, he was too jittery to go down the mountain dangling from a rope, so he backed down from that (for which I'm grateful.) LOL
The scouts do a great job in training our young people.
My 16 yr old grandson joined the Sea Cadets, sponsored by the U.S. Navy. They take boys and girls from 14-18 and teach them leadership skills, following orders, patriotism, and working together as a group. There's a lot more to it, but this is a comment page, not a book! He really enjoys it. He and 169 other kids went to a 2-week boot camp for teens in July, downstate NY. The Sea Cadets is funded by the US Navy and contributions from the public.
I can see a big difference in his behavior since he came back from camp. He seems more mature.
I wish you well in your future endeavors.

Travis said...
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Travis said...

Thank you very much, Granny. Scouting is a great way to learn outdoor skills and build character. Sounds like your son and grandson both enjoyed their scouting adventures! Tell them "hi" for me. :-D

The Blogging Boy Scout,