Thursday, July 28, 2005

Hay Mowing, Virtue Articles, and the return of a Scoutmaster

Hey guys!

My cousin and uncle have come down today and are busy cutting hay. My uncle said he would teach me the ropes of running a tractor while his is down here if I like, and I hope to take him up on his offer. :-)

I am set to write a group of articles for Virtue Magazine called "Christianity and Government, the first of which is due tomorrow, so I will most likely spend some time today working on that.

Also, our troops Scoutmaster is coming for a visit in a day or two! He and his family moved away some time back, and we are all looking forward to seeing them again! He and all the scouts are going to play football and softball Saturday morning as kind of a welcome back party. I am greatly looking forward to that. (I ran a bit yesterday to make sure I was in shape to play and I am sore this morning, which is a good thing. Better sore today then slow on the field Saturday!)

I hope to bring you more later,

The Blogging Boy Scout,

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Balloon Master Vaughn said...

awesome blog. Go Scouts!