Monday, July 11, 2005

Scouting as a Pundit

Body of U.S. commando found in Afghanistan

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Comments: I am glad they found him. A terrorist spokesmen had said they he was captured and beheaded, but this was not the case. He died fighting to the last.

Countdown begins for Discovery launch

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Comments:I am glad the mission will continue after the Colombia tragedy.

Gulf Coast cleans up from Hurricane Dennis

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Comments: Floridians pick themselves up once more. However Dennis was weaker then expected which is a great thing.

Retirement Will Change Direction of Court for Years

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Comments: The man is right. We must have a conservative pro-life Christian justice! For more of my thoughts click here.

Conservative Students Unleashed

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Comments: Hehe, this is kinda funny. The author begains with a description of was liberals must think of conservative students and then goes on to tell what said students do in the summer.

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