Sunday, December 02, 2007

Success, what is thy standard?

Wealth, beauty, fame, fortune, just what is this elusive phantom we call success? What is the end goal of life? Observe...and discern.

A family of our acquaintance is frankly rolling in money. The entire family seems to enjoy every creature comfort imaginable, they also have been gifted with extraordinary talent in the arts, in athletics, and in many other areas. Many would find it easy to define them as the example of "success." Yet, this family struggles with rebellion, drunkenness and other vices. It would seem that perhaps in chasing "success" they have lost something, the hearts of their children. Is it worth it?

A young girl I know of has been given great outward beauty. She always seems to be dressed "perfectly" and is always current on the latest fashions, yet, it is known that she struggles greatly with depression in her maintenance of her outward looks.

I recently was able to purchase a laptop for a discounted price during Black Friday. Right after making my purchase, I went to a fast food place to get a bit to eat. While waiting inside for my order, I found myself worrying that someone would smash the window in of my car and cart away my new possession. Worry had been added to my life that hadn't been there before, just with the addition of a new earthly thing. What does this tell us about life in general?

As I seek the carer the Lord would have for me, it would be relatively easy to seek a job with a high salary. A patent attorney in Dallas Texas I know of makes $280,000 each year, if one so chose, money could be obtained in large amounts in a carer of that type. With that kind of money, the cars, the house(s), every imaginable earthly dream moves into reality. Yet, at what cost?

It chasing down money a worthy cause on which to sacrifice the souls of one's family? Certainly not. Does great outward beauty remove all thoughts of how people view your outward appearance? It would appear not. Does a nice new laptop add a worry to life? Why, yes it does. So is it these things that we should be chasing in life? Or is it...something bigger?

I believe that money can and is used for good, however, the LOVE of money is the root of all evil as the proverb says. I believe that beauty of the outside fades, but spiritual beauty lasts a lifetime. I believe that laptops are nice, but treasures in heavan are far better. So, as we follow the Lord in His ways of hard work and dillegence, if things like money, beauty, and material things are the partial fruit of that labor, let us remember the things of true value they are the shadows of. In wealth, let us not forget family, in beauty of the outer, let us glory in the beauty of the inner, in times of a laptop, let's remember where are true treasure needs to lie.