Saturday, December 31, 2005

Happy New Years Eve!

Hello everyone!

My dad, sister and myself are preparing to attend our church's annual New Year Eve costume party. Last year I went as the Lone Ranger *grin* and this year I am going as an Eagle Scout. Clever huh? :-) Last year we played in the new year on 4 LAN connected X-Box's. I am not sure what we are doing this year but I am sure it will be just as fun.

May Christ so himself to you in a new and deeper way this coming year.

The Blogging Boy Scout,

Thursday, December 29, 2005

Fires and Generation Joshua

Hello everyone!

I am sorry I have taken so long to get a new post up, but with Christmas and everything one gets quite busy and blogging seems to drop a bit on the priorities list. But here is an update!

First of all, I had a wonderful Christmas. I got to enjoy many games of ping-pong and pool with my cousins, while enjoying worthwhile conversation with my uncles, aunts and other relatives. My dad got a really cool 2 million candle watt flashlight! It shines the better part of 200 yards. A very cool gift. :-)

Now to our headlines, today we had a large fire across town from us. We are about a foot behind our recommended rainfall and everything is dry as all get out. Sounds like Hannah of Sold Out and our southern brethren in Texas are in just as bad shape.

(Link to CNN article. That Central Oklahoma it mentions? That's us.)

Please pray for an Okie/Texas style gully washer. :-) We have been watering our yard as a precaution, but I am getting of track on my story...

We were going to the city to get some feed when we saw smoke starting to rise. We thought it looked like it was close to one of my cousins property so we picked him up and headed out that way. We found the fire licking at the back edge of his land with the fire department hammering away at it. A group of local farmers and ranchers started in with tractors and disks to clean out the brush around the blaze. We had no such implements at our immediate disposal so we took to helping a lady water down her yard. Her house was in pretty good shape to withstand a blaze as she had two hoses that could both be brought to bear on the side of her house that was near to the blaze. After finishing that we circled the mile section and drove onto my cousins land from the opposite side as the fire with the intention of moving his tractor out of the way if the fire spread in that direction. We arrived in the back of the pasture to find two things, (1) the tractors battery was dead(not good) and (2) the fire department had about gotten the blaze put out. We loaded up the battery then drove my cousin back to his gas station. Now about two hours behind on our feed run, we drove into the city and picked up one ton of feed. Which proved somewhat interesting due to the fact that we only have a half-ton pickup. :-) But we drove about 50 and made it home ok.

In other news, I have been spending a lot of time campaigning for Senator on the Generation Joshua Online Government. I think my campaign is going pretty well, but there is still a lot of time left in the race. I am looking forward to the Senate debates which are coming up very soon.

that's all for now!

Talk to you later and may everyone have a Happy New Year!


Saturday, December 24, 2005

Narnia and Christmas Eve

Hello Everyone!

First up on our list this very merry Christmas Eve is the Christmas Edition of Virtue Magazine! Please stop by and read all our great articles this issue. If you are interested in the court case where a judge ruled that it is unconstitutional to mention the the theory of Intellegent Design in a public school, please read my article on the topic, Unconstitutional, Unscientific Science.

Secondly, I watched Narnia yesterday! That is the best movie I have seen in a LONG time! I wouldn't recommend it for anyone below the age of 7 or so(due to some ugly and scary bad guys), but for you older kids, it is incredible! A truely awesome film. I think today I am going to download the demo to the video game :-)

Thridly, I would like to wish you a very Merry Christmas Eve and God's blessings in the coming new year.

The Blogging Boy Scout,

Thursday, December 22, 2005

How the Grinch...ur...ACLU stole Christmas

Hello everyone!

I just finished my article for Virtue about that Intelligent Design Court case. It should be up at Virtue on Saturday.

So, what is the Grinch doing in this post? Well, he was the inspiration for a very enlightening poem by fellow Eagle Scout and blogger, Christian Politician called "How the ACLU stole Christmas" I would encourage you to have a look at it.

In other news, I got a new book yesterday called "So Help Me God" by Former Justice Roy Moore of Alabama, the leader of the Foundation for Moral Law and a man who was kicked out of his judicial seat because he refused to remove the Ten Commandments from his courthouse lawn. It is a very good book regarding religious freedom in America today. After getting this book I snooped around a bit on the internet and found that Mr. Moore is running for Governor of Alabama. After reading what this man believes, I wish him the best of luck and a successful win in that race next year.

On another government type note, I have been trying to log in on the Generation Joshua Online Government forums, but I have been unsuccessful as of yet. I am running for Senate and I need to get campaigning if I hope to win a seat. :-)

That's all for now!
The Blogging Boy Scout,

Wednesday, December 21, 2005


Hello Everyone!

I am currently working on a article for Virtue Magazine about yesterdays court ruling banning the very mention of Intelligent Design in a Pennsylvania. Please check it out and give me your spill on it. If you blog it, leave me the link and I will link you (case sesitive)

Have a good one!

Monday, December 19, 2005

LAN Party

Today I had 3 of my buddies over for a LAN party. We had 4 computers and a Game Cube set up and we had a blast. (Quite literally)

One of the games we played was called Jedi Outcast. We were running all over the map having saber duals and blaster shoot-outs. Then we tried out another game called "Clone Wars" in which the four of us worked together to defeat waves and waves of attacking droids. I was the last one standing on that game. *grin*
After that we played a game called "Carnivores CityScape" in which you act out the part of a military team who is sent in to rescue the crew of a spaceship transporting dinosaurs to earth from a distant planet which was forced to crash outside of a major city. We saved all people we encountered and eliminated all offending dinosaurs. :-D
Then on the Game Cube, we played something called "Mario Cart Double Dash". We raced around the map in cars forged from hallow logs desperately throwing bananas out the back while using mushrooms to rocket us forward. I lost pretty bad on that game. I think I only made second place once. :-( There was this one curve with a BIG pothole. (And I mean BIG!!!) We are talking like the size of a small semi! And falling into it. :-)

In other news, as Alex said recently Square Talk Radio now has a call in number! Just call


to voice your comments on the show! A kindly answering machine will answer your call and then record the comment you would like to send us. Your call might even be aired "live" (whatever that means) on the show! As Alex points out for us the call is not toll free (budget cuts) however if you have free nation wide long distance or the like you should be set to call!

Well, I better finish this up so I can go to bed, (you wouldn't BELIEVE how tired one can get from falling into carnivorous potholes).


*goes of to.....ur....."fall" into bed* *grins sleepily*

The Blogging Boy Scout,

Note: The puns and other sleepy attempts at humor (which may or may not be found guilty of funnyness in a court of law) found in this article are included at no additional charge to the reader and are not recomended for use while buying toothpaste with your poodle or while juggling refrigerator magnets with your mother. If you didn't enjoy it at all or are wondering what in the world happened to Travis' sanity when he fell through that neverending pothole, please feel free to eat a cheeseburger.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Baby Thrown From Window - Safely Landed.

From *gasp* CBS.

"A New York man made the catch of a lifetime after a woman threw her baby out the window of a burning third-floor apartment in the Bronx, N.Y. Wednesday. The incident was caught on tape."

Read full story here

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Scouting the Web

Blogger Headlines:
It's time to vote in the 2005 Homeschool Blogger Awards! Head over and cast your vote!

At long last, Square Talk Radio has a new episode! We talk a bit more about anti-Christmas bias then Tim asks Alex and I some hardball questions about President Bush and the War in Iraq entermixed with some of Tim's horrific fear of ranch salad dressing.(?)
You don't want to miss it! As Sean Hannity would say "30 minutes, it's all we give ya."
Or something like that. :-D

Also my friend and fellow Eagle Scout, Christian Politician has began to update his blog! Please head over there and give him a big blogger welcome!

The Life Of Travis:

Last Saturday I took the ACT for my second time. I think I did better on Reading, English, and Math but I ran out of time on the Science! :-( I got about 2/3 done and then had to guess at the rest. My last score was a 23 and my goal is a 26+. More updates on this when I get my test back.

Top News Stories:

A Review of Narnia - By WORLD Magazine (Also see Virtue Mag's review)

Rock of offense - A federal judge creates a state religion.

Air marshals to expand their mission - Self Explanitoy

Holiday programming: Ghosts of Christmas past

Monday, December 12, 2005

News Byte: Virtue Magazine and HITMAN

Hello everyone!

A quick post this morning before I head down to my Grandma's house to save her computer from the depths of spyware and general sluggishness. :-)

Virtue Magazine came out today!

And the smashing drama of Patrick Henry College, HITMAN has released its newest video into cyberspace! Not only that, but a buddy of mine got in on the action! His name is Jonathan Kanary and he is acting as the Checnian (sp?) leader in this episode.

More soon!

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Your rights at Christmastime...

This is an ACLJ email I got this morning. The thing that is really call about this is that Ada Oklahoma is only 20 minutes from my house! :-D We drove by and saw the nativity scene just last week! I hope to add some more personal writing in the near future. (Read "Less Email copies") :-D

Have a great day!
- Travis

**ACLJ email**

Dear Travis,

Today, the city of Ada, Oklahoma, has a nativity scene as part of their Christmas lights display.
But if it weren't for the insistence of a concerned citizen, Craig Rogers, and the help of the ACLJ, this would not have been the case!

Craig alerted us when he was informed by the city that a nativity scene would not be included in the park's Christmas display. We directed him to our Religious Holiday Displays Information letter, he took copies of it to distribute at a city meeting, and a nativity scene was added to the Christmas plans.

A solid victory for Craig ... Ada, Oklahoma ... the ACLJ ... and you!

Craig's inquiry to the ACLJ is just one of many we have already received regarding the
Christmas holiday.

The issues range from students being told they cannot sing songs with Christian themes in their winter concerts ... to cities telling their citizens they cannot display nativity scenes.
(Thankfully, as in Craig's case, we have been able to resolve each of these cases quickly.)
And today, I want you to know what your rights are and how the ACLJ is prepared to help you exercise them this Christmas.

You can access our online Christmas Resource Center by clicking here.

This resource center, prepared by our expert legal team, addresses the constitutionality of school holiday celebrations and privately-erected or government-sponsored holiday displays; and we are here to help.
Please feel free to use it.

It will answer your questions ...

... and empower you with the necessary legal elements to enforce your right to say "Merry Christmas" ... sing Christ-centered Christmas carols ... display a nativity scene ... and more.
The ACLJ is here to help you!

If you have any questions or concerns, simply click here to visit our Christmas Resource Center or call the ACLJ at (757) 226-2489.

Before I close, let me mention that we have joined an important campaign to support Judge Samuel Alito, President Bush's nominee to the United States Supreme Court. Judge Alito has a judicial philosophy that has been very supportive of religious expression, including the display of nativity scenes in public areas.

He is indeed a worthy candidate who should be quickly confirmed! As the ACLU, People For the American Way, and others continue to dismantle the "Christ" of Christmas ... we will continue to fight for your rights and the nomination of Judge Alito to the Supreme Court of the United States.

Merry Christmas from the ACLJ! And like Craig Rogers did - let your voice be heard!

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Remember Pearl Harbor!

Sixty-three years ago today, the attack on Pearl Harbor took place. That was the beginning of the great confict called World War II. This war was fought to see if good could conqueror evil, if justice could conqueror hate, and if love and peace could heal the wounds of such a conflict. 3 score and 4 years ago, young men died for freedom's cause, the rights their forefathers fought for at Gettysburg, Fort McHenry, and Yorktown. All of this based on the premise that there can be a place where freedom and justice can thrive. That there is a place where all men can worship God as they please. A place where men can work and raise their family's, to train them up in the way they should go, a place where they can be free. By the Lord's grace we are allowed to live in this land. This one nation under God. Our fathers bled so that we might be free, free from tyranny, free from slavery and free from communism. The Lord is so good to us. What an opportunity to get to live in such a place! And it is all because of our forefathers efforts to follow and serve Christ. Our greatest leaders understood this, here are some quotes from them:

"That book{The Bible}, sir, is the rock on which our republic rests"
Andrew Jackson

"Almost every man who has by his life-work added to the sum of human achievement of which the race is proud, almost every such man has based his life work largely upon the teachings of the Bible"
Theodore Roosevelt

"It is impossible to rightly govern the world without God and the Bible"
Attributed to George Washington

I so desperately hope that our nation will remain a Christian Nation, for without it, we are nothing and will decay and corrupt from within, just as other nation have fallen with out Him. I pray and hope that the United States of America will remain true to its motto: "One Nation under God"

Good Night, and may God Bless America!!!

The Blogging Boy Scout,
Travis Henry

Quotes taken from Abeka Books American Goverment, page 111

Note: This is a post I wrote for Pearl Harbor Day last year, but the priciples still stand true. I hope my new and old readers alike enjoy it.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Target Backing Off Ban, May Use Christmas In Ads Later This Year

Here is a new AFA new release on the Christmas issue.

Dear Travis,

Your efforts are having a powerful effect! Our boycott of Target is working! According to the New York Times, a spokeswoman for Target said it did not intend to ban Christmas and might use Christmas in advertisements later this year!

In addition, Sears is adding "Merry Christmas" signs in their stores.

And here is new evidence of anti-Christian bias: A survey done by AFA shows that 91% of TV ads ban Christmas from their advertising.

We want you to help us stop this banning of Christmas. The survey included one night (Dec. 1) of prime time programming on the four major networks.

As Bill O'Reilly of The O'Reilly Factor on Fox News Channel said, "There is an anti-Christian bias in this country, and it is more on display at Christmas season than any other time."

AFA found that the "holiday" theme was used in 105 commercials while Christmas was the theme in only 11. This follows the pattern in print advertising where "holiday" was used 25 times more often than Christmas. These companies don't want to offend a handful of atheists and agnostics, but they don't mind offending millions of Christians who celebrate the Reason for the season.

They find Christmas an offensive word. We have prepared a letter to 24 companies which banned Christmas in their TV ads and chose "holiday" instead. Your one click of the button will send a letter to all 24 of these national advertisers. We know it is probably too late to change their ads this year, but we must let them know that next year we expect them to include Christmas in their TV commercials!

Click Here to see the list.

Click Here To Email TV Advertisers Now!

Donald E. Wildmon, Founder and Chairman - American Family Association

Monday, December 05, 2005

Book Bag!

First of all, please remember the check out the Homeschooling Blogger Awards 2005.

Then I would like to share my bookbag for this week! Here is what I found...

1. Assault in Norway - Sabotaging the Nazi Nuclear Program
Cool book. :-)

2. The Pueblo Incident

Update! As David was good enough to explain to me, I did not at all grasp this story's gist by reading its preface. Here is the information David gave me.

Actually, the USS Pueblo was attacked by MiGs and six NK naval vessels, and there was a fight. The battle lasted over an hour. A number of members of the Pueblo's crew were wounded (1 killed), even though it was not a combat vessel. Better re-check your sources. A great place to start would be "Bucher: My Story, by Commander Lloyd M. Bucher USN, Captain of the USS Pueblo.

Thanks David!

3. Around the World in Eighty Days - An interesting classic about a man driven to cross the world by train, steamer, and elephant in eighty days.

4. The FBI-KGB War
This one sounds cool. :-)

5. Salvo!
A goodly volume which details the grandest and the lowest days of those floating batteries, the battleships.

That's all for now!

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Great News! Walgreens Says "Next Year Will Be Different"

Another AFA update on the Christmas tree vs Holiday tree issue.

Send A Polite Letter To Kmart/Sears Asking Them To Do The Same

Dear Travis,

Because of your efforts, Walgreens has released the following response: "Next year, you can be assured our advertising will better incorporate 'Christmas,' and our holiday trees will be called Christmas trees. Unfortunately, all of this years December ads are already printed, so it's too late to make changes for this season."
In addition, Lowe's has released a statement saying they now refer to all trees as "Christmas Trees" and have removed all signs that previously calling them "Holiday Trees."
Your actions are bringing good results! We are hearing that many retailers are re-thinking their banning Christmas. Keep up the good work!
Would you please send the enclosed polite letter to Kmart/Sears asking them to make Christmas an integral part of their promotions and advertising next year? We feel there is good reason to believe Kmart/Sears might honor your request. We will keep you informed as to their response.
Additionally, and this is very important, please forward this to your family and friends. We need as much support as we can get in this effort.

Click Here To Send Your Letter Now!

Thanks for caring enough to get involved.
Donald E. Wildmon, Founder and Chairman-American Family Association

BBS Comments: I am glad stores are allowing Christmas trees to be called just that, Christmas trees. I think this example of Walgreens and Lowe's really shows what a kind respectful Christian appeal can do. Keep up the good work AFA!

Target Doesn't Respond, Refuses To Include "Christmas"

Here is an update on the Christmas vs. Holiday tree topic. I also have an update on Walgreens policy that I should get posted momentarily.

AFA asks for boycott because of Targets anti-Christmas stance

Dear Travis,
In an effort to get Target to include "Christmas" in their in-store promotions and retail advertising for next year's (2006) season, we wrote Chairman Robert Ulrich. We told Chairman Ulrich that we knew it was too late to change his in-store promotions and retail advertising for this year. We asked him if Target would assure us that the company would make Christmas an integral part of their promotions and advertising next year. We told Chairman Ulrich that if Target would honor our request, we would encourage our supporters and others to shop at Target. But we also said that if he refused, or did not respond, we would ask our supporters to boycott Target. How did Chairman Ulrich respond to our request? He did not respond at all! Chairman Ulrich sent a clear messageTarget will continue to ban "Christmas." Would you join us in a boycott of Target, and forward this to friends and family asking them to do the same? Yes, there are other companies which refuse to use Christmas. But if Target gets the message and their sales go downevery other national retailer will also get the message! Then we can expect some big changes in their promotion and advertising next year. Target doesn't want to offend a small minority who oppose Christmas. But they don't mind offending Christians who celebrate the birth of Christ, the Reason for the season. It is very important that you sign our pledge to boycott Target. Nearly 600,000 have already done so. Our goal is 1,000,000. We need your help!

Click Here To sign the Boycott Pledge Now!

You might want to call Target at 612-304-6073 and then press 6. It will cost you about 15 cents to make the call. If busy, please continue to call until you get through. Be polite. Tell Target that you are disappointed that they continue to ban Christmas. You might also want to contact your local Target store manager.

ATTENTION! Expect Target To Try To Confuse You When you call Target, they will no doubt try to confuse you. You may be told their employees are free to greet people with a "Merry Christmas." You may be told that they support the Salvation Army. You may be told many things in order to confuse you. Therefore, ask this one simple basic question and don't allow them to confuse you. "Do you use the term 'Christmas' in your in-store promotions developed by Target (not products you have for sale) and do you include the term 'Christmas' in your retail advertising?" Target refuses to use "Christmas" in their in-store promotions or in their retail advertising. If you are told they do, you are being mislead. Thanks for caring enough to get involved.

Donald E. Wildmon, Founder and ChairmanAmerican Family Association

Drum roll please...

Hello everyone!

Today I would like to announce the official launch of the Blogging Boy Scout's Forum Room!

I created these forums a long time ago but never got around to adding them to my main site or doing much with them. Some of you may have seen them before over at the Christian Coalition of Bloggers. I hope to create a place where Christians can topics of conservative interest in a safe environment. There are forums for General Conversation, Politics, Christianity, Programming, History, and much more!

I would be willing to add a forum for A Side Tracked Focus if the leaders of that group would find that useful in anyway.

So please head over there, register, and have a look around! I will also be taking applications for moderators if you are interested. :-)

The Blogging Boy Scout,

News Byte

Top Blog News

Homeschooling Blogger Awards 2005 - Vote for your favorite blogger!

In Rejection of Mediocrity has a truly incredible post about the mediocrity of some Christian colleges. When a "Christian" biology professor calls you a "minion of the devil" for believing in a young earth there is a problem.

Season 4 of the Patrick Henry College drama series HITMAN has been released with a new episoide called "Twisted Paths". Have a look!


Answer Pete's profound question of the day: "Is the ability to sin a sin in-and-of itself?"

Now for SecDef's profound question of the day: Who (if anyone) was right in the American Civil War?"

Future Articles under Consideration.

International Law - What does that mean?
Then and Now - French and Indian War and the War on Terror