Thursday, July 21, 2005

London Attacked! Updated

London attacked again; police confirm 4 blasts

Only one person was reported wounded...
At the moment the casualty numbers appear to be very low ... the bombs appear to be smaller than those detonated July 7...

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Comments: Whew. What a crazy deal. It doesn't sounds like it was nearly as bad as the July 7th attacks, but still. Man, we got to get London secure. There were 4 bombs, 3 in the subway system and 1 in a bus. They were all much smaller then the July 7th explosives. There seem to be rumors that the police have caught someone related to the bombings. I don't really think this is Al Qaida . It would seem to be a "copy-cat" attack. Most likely done by Arabic sympathizers from the British isles. Before long, London(and the U.S. for that matter) may have to resort to Israeli style transit security. (Bomb sniffing dogs, bag checks, and armed guards at stations.

I would look to Adrian Warnock's U.K. Blog for updates from London later in the day.

Note: Mom and I are going grocery shopping this morning, so I won't be back for a bit.

Update: SKY NEWS is reporting that the bus bomb is identical to designs used in the 7/7 attacks. From

Update 7/22: After hearing more from London today, I found out that the bombs were full sized and looked just like the bombs that were used last time, however only the detonators blew up. The London Police think it was the same group, but this bunch is not as effective.

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