Tuesday, July 12, 2005

College...Which one?

Oh boy, I was just looking at some college websites as I am waiting for my ACT to come back. I thought you might like to look on with me as I explore my options. Have a look!

First up, East Central University.

A small state funded college, located close to home.(within driving distance) After taking an Oklahoma History test I was blessed to receive a $1000 scholarship from them. As well, for students with a ACT score of 26 or higher, they have 4 year scholarships devoted to history majors.(My hypothetical major) All these thing speak in favor of ECU. Living at home while in college would allow me to watch my younger siblings grow up and have a safe haven to rest and recuperate from what can be a stressful college life. However, being a state college, the book work would include evolution and most likely a "big scissors" approach to history. (Cropping our Christian history out of the books so as to be "politically correct') Also, they have recently hired a gay political science teacher. Which is a VERY bad thing. (How in the world could you trust a gay to tell you the truth about how our forefathers hated sodomy?)

Now on to Oklahoma University. (Or "OU" as it is lovingly called around here :-D)

The biggest college in Oklahoma, home to the famous football team the "Sooners". My mom talked to a recruiter from there who was ready to sign me up, but a downside to OU is that a freshman is required to live on campus. :-( I doubt I will go there my first year at least, but I might go there to law school.

Now to the lovely Florida coast, to Pensacola Christian College.
The home of the A Beka book curriculum. This one is not heavily in consideration from my point of view at this time, however it is a backup. A Christian campus is always a plus, but that is somewhat counterbalanced by the great distance from home.

Now for my all time favorite, Patrick Henry College.
Ranked in the top ten conservative colleges in the nation, this college is absolutely incredible! Opened and operated by the famed Mike Ferris of the Home School Legal Defense Association, this is THE place to go if you are a conservative Christian homeschooler. With the motto "For Christ and For liberty" this college tops them all for teaching young Christians how to be strong, dynamic soldiers for the Lord and our Christian Heritage. Also, want to guess what PHC's record is for getting its graduates into law school?


I quote the PHC website:

"Every PHC student who has applied to law school has gained admission to one or more. In fact, a large majority of law school bound students have been admitted to first tier law schools, such as Georgetown University and University of Virginia."

I think I would really enjoy going there. :-D However the down sides are:

1. It is in Virginia.(Another far off college)
2. It cost something in the ballpark of 20,000 U.S. dollars a year to attend. :-0 (For comparison PCC is only about $5,000 a year if I remember correctly.)

So if I went it would have to be totally on scholarships. But that would be a possibility.

Well, that's it! Please leave a comment with your choice of college!

The Blogging Boy Scout,

Update: I think I just found a really cool law school have a look!

Regent Law (recommended by Jay Sekulow and the ACLJ!)


Alex King said...

Great post Travis!

Patrick Henry is at the top of my list - such an awesome college. ORU (Oral Roberts University) would be a close second.

Kristin said...

There's Hillsdale College here in Michigan too. I heard that it also ranked one of the highest conservative colleges in America.

I would love to attend college at Hillsdale, Patrick Henry or Pensacola. But for now, I HIGHLY doubt I'll be attending the top two. They're too expensive and I'd have to live on campus--which I'm not in favor of.

Just my $0.02,

Agent Tim said...

PHC is only an hour or two from my house...I might take the first year's courses by computer, then go to the college...it's cheaper that way.

David Ketter said...

Well, different choices there. Patrick Henry is cool, but it is not for my "theologically-oriented" career. Maybe they will expand to that someday...

Pensacola is nice too but definitely not on my list. Speaking of which, here is mine:

-Waynesburg College (Christian)
-Grove City College (Christian)
-Geneva College (Christian)
-Penn State University (Secular)
-Messiah College (Christian)

Hope your search goes well!

Travis said...

Thanks! I tell you what, I think it is hard to beat Patrick Henry for a young Christian conservative. :-) My mom thought about going to ORU at one time, but then she desided to go the ECU.

Hillsdale College? I might just have to look that up. :-) I know the thing about living on campus is something I would rather not do either. (unless it was at PHC :-D) We are thinking I might go to ECU my first year, just to get used to college, and then transfer to OU or PHC.

Hehe, you live in the right part of the world for PHC, thats for sure!

Ahh, are you thinking of going into the ministry? Good choice. We need more godly teachers of the Word, thats for sure!

Now let me ask you guys a question. What are you thinking of majoring in? I am thinking right now of majoring in history and minoring in political science, then going on to law school later.


Agent Tim said...

Haven't thought about majors much yet...the Strategic Intelligence was one of my thoughts (minor or major), but right now i think I might want to go to law school, so I'm looking at specialized areas I can work in.

SecDef said...

Go to PHC! (Because then we will be an hour away from each other!) :D

Seriously, God will work it out. He made it blindingly obvious to me which college to go to....He will do the same for you.

David Wagner said...

As a Regent Law faculty member, I hope you'll come to us some day!

Dean McConnell said...

Please check out my Christian law school too! Trinity Law School in Santa Ana. See our web site at tls.edu and my blog Trinitarian Don.