Tuesday, July 19, 2005

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Steering Away From Clement (Does Your Head Hurt)

What I know for sure is that I don’t know who the nominee is going to be. I do know that when the herd all moves in one direction, it most likely is on to something. There is the potential to be wrong, but the probability is that the herd is right and Clement is the nominee.
Here is what I do know. The Democratic Senators are not going to be as nuts with this nominee as their base would like them to be (that also seems to indicate Clement might be it).

What is most important is this — Karl Rove, shudder the thought, believes, as does the President, that conservative activism related to the judicial nominating process was one of the most significant factors in the incumbent President’s party gaining seats in two successive elections, a near unheard of feat. Only security issues take precedence. As a result, the President is not going to appoint Gonzales and the President is not going to appoint someone who is not to the right of O’Connor on life issues. Any nominee will have been thoroughly vetted on the life issues and will be acceptable to conservatives.

Finally, John King at CNN is saying that he is getting “pushback” from “those closely involved in the process” that he should “not go there” on Clement. She is in the final three, but we really will not know who it is until 9pm tonight.

[UPDATE] Within the past hour, staffers on the Senate Judiciary Committee have begun steering people away from Edith Brown Clement."

Update [2005-7-19 16:56:47 by Erick]: The whole lot of people who have been telling me Clement was the pick have gotten cold feet and now are clueless as to who it might be. But, the only name they have still is Clement, who is supposedly in the wilds of Wyoming on vacation.

Update [2005-7-19 17:0:3 by Erick]: ABC News is reporting that it is NOT Edith Brown Clement.

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Agent Tim said...

I'm wondering Travis, who the 3rd person is:

"She is in the final three, but we really will not know who it is until 9pm tonight."