Monday, October 10, 2005

Scouting the News: Square Talk, Paintball, and Harriet Miers

Good morning everyone!

First up this morning is,

Harriet Miers and Square Talk Radio:
The new Square Talk Radio show is up! Listen to Alex King , Tim Sweetman and myself discuss in-depth the pros and cons of Harriet Miers nomination to the Supreme Court of the United States.
My thoughts at this point are: "She was not my first choice, but as I hear more about her personal views, the better she is sounding."

Other links below:

Half of Senate Republicans doubt Miers

Transcript: Conservatives Debate Miers' Nomination

Miers gets standing ovation at church

Judiciary committee chief decries criticism of Miers

Miers Mire From Hugh Hewitt and World Magazine


Just a quick personal update on me, yesterday after church about 10 of the teens all got together and played paintball! It was so much fun. One of the guys(Arron) bought a stock gun at Walmart and then upgraded it to look just like a M-16, it was incredible! And one of the other guys(Joseph) upgraded his from semi-auto to full auto(machine gun)! He can get about 13 balls a second with that thing. As I arrived and took in these things, my response was one of joy for them and slight butterflies from me. I have a $20 pump action gun which gets 4 balls a second on a good day. *weak smile* But, then Joseph was nice enough to long me his spare gun, a really nice pump with great sniper capabilities. After firing it a few rounds I knew I would enjoy using it. My strategy was to work in co-op with a gunner in a swat team like manner to make the best use of both our strenghs, accuracy and rate of fire. The greatest disadvantage to using a pump/sniper is that you can fight a gunner/semi-auto or better head to head. You have to use stealth and your accuracy to win.

The first round Donny(A nice fellow with a semi-auto) and I were in a sub-team together. At the beginning of the game we moved down the middle of the field, one of us covering the other while our partner run to a forward bunker. We started to take fire from the left, which we returned. Soon Donny landed a good shot and one of their players had been eliminated. I asked Donny to cover me while I ran across a little clearing in the woods to get to another bunker. A minute or two after I dashed into the bunker, I started to see figures in camo darting through the woods in front of me. The enemy team was counter-attacking. I ducked behind the bunker and opened fire on them. Suddenly, loads of paint begin pounding against my bunker. It was Joseph(the guy with the machine gun) and one other fellow. I called for Donny to cover me, but he didn't respond. One thought when through my head, "uh oh". Paint was hitting my bunker like there was no tomorrow when suddenly I saw the enemies flanker strafing across my field of fire. I got off about 2 shots when the incoming paint found its mark. I had been eliminated. As I was walking back I saw Donny coming back to the battleline. He told me he had run out of paint and had been forced to go back and reload. Oh dear.

The next game was probably my best, Arron(the M-16 guy) and I teamed up. Gunner and sniper working together. It was awesome! We flanked on their right side and totally demolished their flank and center. That was a awesome round.

The next round Arron, another guy and myself were flanking again when we were pinned down by Joseph! He was well dug in and was pouring out the paint. Arron and the other fellow pushed on toward the flank and I remained to cover the center and work my way to a strategic bunker. I heard Arron call that he was eliminated (gulp) so I made my move and dashed to the bunker. Donny and Joseph were slugging it out and I made it to the bunker unseen. I watched and waited. Then I made out Joseph's form as he raised out of the brush. I fired twice and he quickly ducked back behind his bunker. He then opened fire on my position and I in turn ducked. Then I waited. Joseph and Donny were still trading shots and I think Joe thought I had moved to another bunker. I raised up, was very thankful I was in full camo, and leveled my gun on a tree limb and waited. Then I saw Joe slowly raising up to get a better shot at Donny. I waited until I could see his waist above the brush then fired two shots. He spun around as the first shot sang past him, and was almost back behind his cover when my second shot caught him! Whoopee! And that was then end of that round.

Altogether, it was an incredibly fun day.

That's all for now!
The Blogging Boy Scout,


MVB said...

Wow, you could write a book on your adventures!

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