Thursday, October 20, 2005

Scouting the News and the Views of the Blogosphere

Hello everyone!

I must apologize for my resent absence from the blogosphere. Life caught up to me and seemed to take over my blogging time slot, but now I am back at the blogging controls!

News and a new blogger!

I have an intorduction to make, my good friend and fellow Eagle Scout, Taylor has started a blog called Reliable Politics. Please stop by and check him out!

Also, The King's Highway has a really cool contest going right now called the "Blog of the Year Award" Please stop by and cast your vote! Great idea MVB!

I got Age of Empires III yesterday! It is the most incredible game I think I have ever played! It is truly awesome! Please check out Knights of Valor for other AoE updates.

Also, here are some national news stories, I found interesting.

Senators want more on Miers, who vows to try

Sen. Barbara Boxer, D-Calif., said Miers has taken the most extreme position of anyone I have ever known on abortion, assuming she believes that there ought to be a constitutional ban on abortion which would make it a crime except if a womans life is at stake.


This is the kind of thing that makes me think that Miers could be a good justice. We will just have to see what happens. I like the fact that she stated that she is/was pro-life some 20 years ago on a survey. I hope she proves to be the kind of pro-life strict constitutionalist justice we need on the bench.

Extremely dangerous Wilma batters Cancun
Comments: Is there anything Congress could do to forbid hurricanes from striking our coastlines until AFTER we get the last one cleaned up? Shesh. All kidding aside, how many hurricanes does this make this year? Five? Six? I have lost count. There is going to have to be some kind of life change for coast dwellers if this keeps up.

Congress gives gun industry a lawsuit shield

Comments: Good. They needed such a thing. I am tired of people people suing gun companies for murders that some robber committed. Assault weapons and other such is another topic, but I believe that people are responsible for their actions when using a firearm, not a gun company.

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