Tuesday, October 04, 2005

The Boy Scout Blogger's First Anniversary

Hello everyone!

Yes, it is true, I have now been at this for a whole year. Wow, I can't hardly believe it has been that long. I started this blog with the vague idea of typing something and maybe covering the 2004 presidential and senatorial elections. As I started typing about these issues and covering events, I was struck by just how incredible it was to be able to type something and it be available to just about anyone with an internet connection. Communication is a wonderful thing, and blogging has made communication that much easier. Then I started running onto other bloggers, the first 3 I met are now my fellow commentators on SquareTalk Radio, Agent Tim(a big hat tip to him for providing this great graphic), Mission3:6teen, and SmartHomeschool. We swapped links and AIM tags and haven't stopped talking since! *grin* Then later along came this idea for a teen political/news online magazine. Alex and Jake created the site for the new staff and so became Virtue Magazine, currently in its 18th issue. I began to meet other bloggers, Spunky Jr., The Account, SecDef, and even FaithMouse! :-) It has been a blast!

So, where will the BSB go from here? Well, I will be graduating this year and will most likely begin college next fall. I am currently planning to major in history(or history education) and then go to law school. I hope to grow in Christ and learn more of His wonder and glory. I want to be a man he would be pleased to call His. I think that is every young Christian man's desire and I pray that we would accomplish that goal.


The Political Perusal should be up tomorrow.

There is a new Scouting blog devoted just to Christian homeschoolers! Jay Ryan, a Christian Scoutleader in Ohio has asked me to help out with this blog, so be checking in there for my Scouting memoirs and suggestions. *grin*

Blessings upon all you who honor and fear His name!
The Blogging Boy Scout,


Kristin said...

Congrats Travis! The blogosphere has definately benefited from a blogger like you...or at least my little corner of the sphere!

Keep up the great blogging and I can't wait to read more :)


David Ketter said...

Dude! We started blogging like the same time of year! My "anniversary" is Sept. 29!

BTW, where do I send my article for the Political Perousal thing? You can email me at DavidKetter [at] gmail [dot] com.


David Ketter said...

oh...man...your guestbook needs cleaning up....it's pretty bad...

Agent Tim said...


I'll be linking to the "Political Perusal" (since I've had no time to write for it *sniff*)


Travis said...

Thanks guys! I hope to be blogging for some time to come. *grin*

Guestbook has been cleaned out (again) and I sent you an email on your question.

Have a great one guys!