Wednesday, October 05, 2005

The Political Perusal: The War in Iraq - Right or Wrong?

Last week, I laid out an invitation to any interested blogger to write their thoughts on the War in Iraq. I have since received some great replies and I hope you will enjoy reading them! (Articles are listed in the order they where submitted.)


1. First up we have this great article by SecDef.

In his analysis of the War he covers five areas of discussion from which he draws his conclusion. Namely,
The Role of Government in Defense
Constitutionality of the "War"
Reasons for War
The link to Al-Qaeda (This one is good!)
"Divide and Conquer."

2. Next we have this article by a new member of the blogosphere, A Tinted View.

He is a second year seminary student and a good writer, so stop over and give him a big welcome to the blogosphere!

3. Next we have this article by Hannah of Recordari.

Her article sets out to "show that George Bush, president of the United States, made a noble and ethical decision when he initiated the Iraq War" and she covers it in six sections with many quotes scattered throughout.
The Beginning of a War
A Need for Freedom
The Motivations
A Presidents’s Reasoning
“Nothing Good”
A President’s Resolve

4. Next up is this article by Lita Harman of Virtue Magazine.

She uses quotes links and historiargumentsents to drive home her point that the War in Iraq is indeed a just war.

5. And last, but certainly not least, we have this article by David Ketter of the Account.

This very good article goes to the heart of the issue, when should a nation wage war, period? David Ketter(with a little help from Thomas Aquinas) shows that this war meets the Aquinas requirements to declare war:

Just Authority
Just Cause
Just Intent

And raps it up for this edition of the Political Perusal. A big thanks to all who contributed!

Was this fun? Did you enjoy this selection of articles? If so, would you enjoy seeing another bunch of articles next week on a different topic? Please, tell me what you think.

The Blogging Boy Scout,


SecDef said...

Hey, everyone is pro-war! :D Just for that, I should write an anti-war article! :D :D :D (OK, not really....but it would be nice to have both sides, for next time. Not that you can control who responds, though.... :) )

Lita said...

LOL. The anti-war folks tend to avoid us. :-D