Thursday, October 06, 2005

Miers Links and Commentary

What to think, what to think on Harriet Miers?

Some conservatives today voiced their concerns about the Presidents nomination of Harriet Miers today in a private meeting.

On the flip side, Listen to Jay Sekulow's audio clip on Harriet Miers and have a look at this.

ACLJ Calls Harriet Miers - President Bush's Nominee to Replace Justice O'Connor - an "Excellent" Choice for the Supreme Court

(Below quoted from Jay Sekulow)
"Harriet Miers is an excellent choice with an extraordinary record of service in the legal community and is certain to approach her work on the high court with a firm commitment to follow the Constitution and the rule of law. I have been privileged to work with her in her capacity as White House counsel. She is bright, thoughtful, and a consummate professional and I enthusiastically endorse her nomination”

Hmm, interesting. So Mr Sekulow knows Mrs.Miers personally? That's a good thing.
He goes on to say,

“We look forward to a speedy confirmation process and will work aggressively to ensure that Harriet Miers gets full and fair consideration before the Senate. We call on members of the Senate to reject the partisan political rhetoric and focus on the judicial philosophy of this conservative mainstream nominee.”

Some pretty high praise coming from the ACLJ. If she is a conservative, (which it is looking more and more like she is) I would like to see her confirmed. The only concern I have heard from other conservatives is that we just don't know what she believes. Well, I hope we are starting to get that information. completelytly understand the conservative confusion on this ladies nomination, no news was quick to come on just where she stands on some of these issues. The best thing she can do is get some people who know where she stands(Jay Sekulow) to start telling the public her record. That is the quickest way to reunited the conservatives behind her or against her is to let her true stance come out.

I am still unhappy that Edith Jones was not appointed, but perhaps this lady will do. I would have really liked to have seen President Bush make a strong political statement by apointing a well-known conservative, but if this lady can stand in the gap against abortion supporters, I am willing to back her up.

However I still think it would be wise to wait a bit before calling her stance on the issues either way, because even Dr. Dobson isn't sure yet.


John M. Kirton II said...

Travis, Looks like you're the only blogger of the bunch (Rebelution, SmartHomeSchooler, Mission36teen, AgentTim, The Account) who is keeping up with the politics. I figured others would have weighed in by now! YES, Miers is a GOOD choice...even Dr. Mohler ( thinks so!

Kristin said...

I finally posted on Miers. I am really cautious about his pick still, although the more I read the more I'm beginning to like her. Thanks for sharing the links :)

jayfromcleveland said...

Travis, on another note, I tried to reach you recently re ScoutBlog. We're ready to roll on that and big stuff is afoot. Please drop me a line if you're still interested. BTW, have you heard of Hans Zeiger? Here's a blog post about him. l8r, jayfromcleveland