Friday, October 07, 2005

Harriet Miers - The Winds Are Shifting

Hey guys,
As more information is becoming available about Harriet Miers, I am becoming more and more favorable towards her confirmation. After a visit to I found two very informative posts.
The first one called, What Should We Think of Harriet Miers? is a very good post listing the pros and cons of her nomination.

In the second one here, Dr. Mohler quotes from these two articles,

In Midcareer, a Turn to Faith to Fill a Void

Strong Grounding in the Church Could Be a Clue to Miers's Priorities

Both posts are very enlightening and take a look into the character of this lady. Dr. Mohler speaks directly to concerned conservatives like myself in this selection of his first post on the subject:

"Conservatives who have long been troubled by the courts are always (justifiably) concerned that every new nominee is another David H. Souter. In other words, another nominee represented as a conservative who, once on the bench, turns out to be another judicial activist. There are two reasons why this is not likely to be a good analogy in this case. In the first place, President George H. W. Bush had no personal knowledge of David Souter when he nominated him to the Supreme Court in 1990. President George W. Bush has known Harriet Miers for over a decade and has worked with her closely. As the President made clear in his remarks yesterday, he knows Harriet Miers very well, and he trusts her heart. Given the fact that she worked so closely with the President on judicial appointments, this is a significant positive factor. Secondly, President Bush has established a track-record of outstanding judicial nominations at every level, even as he has articulated a vision of judicial philosophy and constitutional interpretation that should give us confidence. As I see it, the President deserves our support for this nomination unless clear evidence should indicate otherwise. I do not expect any such evidence to appear."

These points are very encouraging to me as well as the repeated emphasis on her membership in a conservative Christian and pro-life church and the abundant praise of the ACLJ, including the Jay Sekulow report on her overtly pro-life stance within the American Bar Association. Again I don't see why Bush didn't pick a proven conservative with a long track record, such as Edith Jones. I think that would have made most conservatives very happy, and there is not much the left could do about it. It would have also drawn some very far right wingers back into the GOP who have joined other political parties such as the Constitution Party. But, as more of Mrs. Miers beliefs come forward, I am growing more favorable.

I am hoping to get a show together today on Square Talk today to talk about the split opinions within the GOP. I think the bottom line is that conservatives aren't just willing to take the President at his word anymore. There have been too many disappointing judicial picks by Republican Presidents, and "We The People" are ready to take on anyone from the President on down to make sure our views are heard and meet. I think that is great! The power in the US has always belonged to the people(even though the people have often given it to others) and I am glad to see that the people of the United States are awaking to the fact that all Americans must play a part in their government. I don't think this is totally all about Miers, it is about the Presidents conservative base holding the President acountable on a national scale, that is something new in modern American Politics. We want facts about nominees, not just the Presidents say-so, and I think that is a good thing.

Other Bloggers covering this issue are Legal Redux, Pete's Place, Spunky Jr. and of course,


SecDef said...

See Ned's view of her.....I really would have preferred a Janice Rodgers Brown or a Priscilla Owens.

Kristin said...

Thanks for those links, again Travis. I have been reading a ton about her. I think I'll be doing a couple of posts on her again.

One of the questions that I've been thinking about was she the best we for the job? I ditto SecDef...Brown or Owens would have been better.

Travis said...

I completly agree guys. I don't think she was the best candidate out there, but since more info is coming out about her, she is looking a bit better then first thought.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Travis!

Btw, I would agree completely here that although Miers isn't the best candidate, she certainly isn't the worst, and judging from the study I've done on her, I'm liking her better than before. But I really think Brown would have been a better choice... :)