Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Law Books, Singer Kooks, and Other News

Hello all!

Law Books:
We went up to my Grandparents on Sunday and they had a surpise for me! Grandma had found some 1921 Oklahoma law books that belonged to my great-greatdad and she wanted to pass them on to me! I was overjoyed! These books are really cool, they have every Oklahoma state law from 1907 (when Oklahoma became a state) to 1921. Now, just to make that date seem a little more real, that was almost 20 years before World War I! It is interesting to look at the pay scale for public servants, a judge made an annual salery of $1500. That's almost $4.11 a day! Not hour, day. Inflation must not have been nearly as high as it is now. But, anyway on with the news!

Singer Kooks:

And now our main story from ABC News, Spunky Homeschool, and Agent Tim Online.

Before I go into details, I want to supply you with the definition of the word "kook".

"kook": is a pejorative term for a person who writes or speaks in an authoritative fashion about a particular subject, often in science, but is alleged to have false or even ludicrous beliefs.)

With that definition in mind, here in brief, is the story.

Two white young female singers are pushing a message of hate for all other races except whites.
The reason this is even here is because these singers happen to be homeschooled.

As my family and I have discovered, just because a family says their homeschoolers does not mean that they are Christians, it just means that they for some reason or another have pulled their children from the public education system. In this case, the mother of these girls has pulled her girls to indoctrinate them with hate for all other races other then whites. A majority of homeschoolers take their children out of public school for the right reasons, to instill in their children a godly Christian worldview which they feel cannot be obtained at the local public school. However, every so often a story like this hits the airwaves and sends shocks through the Christian homeschooling community because it gives many people the only news they will ever hear about homeschoolers, the false news that all homeschoolers are white racists, child abusers or worse.

This lie is quickly countered if you take a look through the blogosphere. The great majority of homeschoolers are growing Christians who take pride in their country and believe that what a man does shows what he stands for, not the color of his skin.

So let the light shine, as they say, "there is a bad apple in every barrel", and this family is one of those.

Other News:
Square Talk Radio is up!

Pete's Place has a interesting article written by Robert Bork about the Miers nomination.

Calling all debaters! I would like to draw your attention to a gun control debate currently raging over at Sold Out. Click here to view debate. (Calling SecDef?)

Hurricane Wilma leave 6 Million without power

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Derek W. said...

I've never heard of those singers, so I can't comment too much on them, but I note this quote from them near the beginning of the article:

"We're proud of being white, we want to keep being white," said Lynx. "We want our people to stay white … we don't want to just be, you know, a big muddle. We just want to preserve our race."

The other person mentioned in there, who writes songs with lyrics like, "if you're not white you'll be dead" is obviously pushing a message of hate and violence. But if the above quote is an accurate summary of these two singers' views, then how exactly does that qualify as a "message of hate for all other races"? They're not expressing hate for other races, they're saying they're proud of their race, their culture and their heritage, and they want these things to be preserved. What is wrong with that? When Native Americans, blacks, Hispanics and pretty much every other "minority" in the U.S. expresses this kind of pride for their own culture and race, it's perfectly fine, but when white people do it it's suddenly racist?

The problem is most white conservatives, even though they don't like to admit it, have been cowered into disowning their own heritage because they've been bullied into thinking that expressing pride over it is racist/hate speech/etc.

The song about Rudolph Hess is a different issue, but if that's the most offensive example ABC can come up with, than it would seem that they are hardly pushing a message of hate of other races.

Palm boy said...

Heh. I think this story was deserving of attention ever if they wern't homeschooled.

What about the record company? The gals can't publish their stuff without them, so why is the fire only directed at the girls?

BTW: The gun control debate is a good one at sold out!

Hannah Beth said...

Derek: In Prussian Blue's lyrics it mentions the "purging" of the bloodlines so that the "people will be free." Their web forum was full of Nazi and KKK symbols as well as an entire section devoted to the "lie" of the Holocaust...Though maybe the lyrics to Prussian Blue's music is not as blatantly hateful as some other white supremist bands, the racism is still there.

Kristin said...

Speaking of Nazi symbols...in the photo of the two girls my mom used, I noticed the shirts they were wearing resembled Hitler in a way.

Anonymous said...

*pukes* That disgusts me to no end... Talk about a wonderful representation of what homeschooling really is. I looked at their online forum, and, and, and... I can't say any more. :) Seriously, though, it creeped me out.