Thursday, October 27, 2005

Gone to Church Camp

I know, I know, what a lousy time to go to church camp. With Miers stepping down, and a new nominee right around the corner, what in the world is Travis doing going on vacation?
Well, I guess life calls and I must answer its ring. I have attempted to make up for my absence by giving my thoughts and commentary on a Square Talk Radio special edition set to come out Friday morning. Also, Square Talk now has a new website!
Please change all your links over to:

Alex has added a new look and along with some great commentary from the depths of the square, hopefully you can last the weekend. :-)

Also, I wanted to wish two guys "Happy Birthday", but I can't tell them till 5 PM Friday. So I guess it will have to wait.

Have a great weekend everyone! I sure hope the Presidents next pick is a true and solid Christian conservative. At this point I can't help but feel somewhat sorry for Miss. Miers. Even if all her politics on issues like abortion are fuzzy, being nominated for such a thing to be rejected by many important people would feel awful. May the Lord be with her and be at work in her life.



Palm boy said...

Whee!! I like the new slogan.

Is it acctually trademarked?

k said...

I know. I tended to like Miers, but it is sad that she had to leave "in disgrace" to a certain degree. Hopefully Bush will pick someone who us conservatives will like.

Alex Jordan Harris said...

Haha... Thanks, Travis. God bless!

Kristin said...

Can't wait to see what the new SquareTalk site will look like! I have been impatiently waiting, not only to listen to the show but to see the site.

I'm sure it looks great :)