Thursday, September 01, 2005

College: A Big Challenge to Faith

As a 18 year old boy soon to be facing the world of college, I find this article by Agape Press very interesting. This article speaks about the alarming amount of teens that enter college as Christians and leave as atheists. This is positively scary. As a friend of mine put it:

"College will either make you or break you spiritually"

and I believe him. A secular college can be a beehive of liberal and atheist thought for a fresh-from-high-school home educator. So what is a young Christian to do?

Well, let me see.

1. You can attend a Christian college.
2. You can attend a secular college but live at home and avoid much after class mishmash. But that really doesn't help with the liberal atheistic teachers, so you must...
3. Study the Bible, history and science so much beforehand that you can refute the guy with the doctorate degree.
4. Not attend college.

Hmm well, what's a guy to do? I had thought of attending ECU near my home here in Oklahoma, but after finding out that one of the political science teachers is gay, I started to look for other options. I have always loved the thought of going to Patrick Henry College, but that is thousands of miles from home and that would put me seeing friends and family here only on holidays.
For more of my thoughts on college please see this post. It includes a list of colleges I am looking at and the pro's and con's of each. Have a look!

After that, let me ask you guys a question or two. What do you guys think about college? What are your plans? What do you see your self doing in 5-10 years? Please leave me a comment and let me know.

The Blogging Boy Scout,


David Ketter said...

What do you guys think about college?

I think that in these days...well, it's kinda least out here in the North-East...soon enough, you'll need a four year degree to flip hamburgers at McDonalds!

What are your plans?

I plan on attending one of the local Christian colleges (although I'm also applying to two state colleges). We'll see where God puts me, but that is my current plan.

As far as majors go, I will probably major in either Theology, Biblical Studies, Religion, or Philosophy - mainly because I intend to enter either full-time ministry or work with theology/Bible in some capacity (teacher, professor, etc.)

I will definitely pursue my master's and possibly a doctorate, but we'll see what God has for me.

What do you see your self doing in 5-10 years?

Graduating with a bachelor's degree in one of the aforementioned, pursuing my master's, getting a good job, getting married, etc. :)

SecDef said...

Thanks for the encouragement! :) I would STRONGLY encourage you to attend PHC, as you would be less than an hour away from me... :D And if you joined ROTC, you would be doing it with me! (PHC has an arrangement with GMU such that PHC students can take ROTC at GMU. And GMU has lots of scholarships available.... :D )

But seek God and do what He wants. :)

SecDef said...

Err, that should be, "And GMU's ROTC has lots of scholarships available (they probably gave at least 1/4 of their freshman 4-year scholarships!). :)

Alex Jordan Harris said...

Hey Travis,

Brett and I are planning on going to PHC. Due to much success in the NCFCA (a homeschool forensics league started by Mike Farris and his daughter, Christy), I actually have a full scholarship, both to Liberty University and Patrick Henry.

As a side note, Brett and I visited the campus earlier this year (supposedly the youngest ever to do so), and met with the director of admissions. They give a majority of their scholarships on a merit basis. Go do something incredible for God and country, and you'll get a very good amount of financial assistance.

Another reason why Brett and I like PHC, is because my brother Josh and his family are less than an hour away in Gaithersburg, MD. Not to mention that some of our closest friends from around the country are going there. We firmly believe that PHC is the place to be if you want to network with the future leaders of the Christian community.

God bless!

- Alex

Agent Tim said...

I would really love to go to PHC. I would be only an hour away from my family of course, so it would be different for you. (Wow...I guess I'll have some friends already waiting there). I'm really hoping to get a full scholarship like Alex and Brett, so I won't have financial issues.

I can see myself there or Liberty in a few years.

As for being away from your family, that's a really hard choice. I mean, if you can get a scholarship to PHC, I would seriously consider it--but the main thing is to pray for God's direction.

I really want to get the best training possible, and PHC seems to have it for all of my possible career directions.

God Bless,

David Ketter said...

Well, for those of you that consider liberty...Ergun Caner (a professor there) is absolutely AWESOME. He is a Turkish-Islamic convert to Christianity and an expert on (1) Biblical cultures, (2) the Crusades, (3) Middle East in general.

Agent Tim said...

Ever thought of doing the distance learning for PHC so you can do school at home? Then you can decide 1) Go to PHC to finish 2) Transfer to ECU

Distance learning would allow you two extra years at home.

My 2 cents :)