Thursday, September 01, 2005

The Battle for New Orleans - Updated

Guys, I am watching the DateLine coverage from New Orleans tonight and that city is in tatters. Armed thugs are roaming around, people are trying to walk out, it is horrific. I tell you what, there is a lot that needs to happen in that city FAST! The national guard is coming in and with them will come food and water. Just from what I can see on TV I would say several things need to happen soon.

1. The first thing I would like to see is bulldozers rolling done the interstate into New Orleans with a following convoy of water, foodstuffs, portapottys, generators and whatever else might possibly be needed.

2. The second thing is to get the airport cleared and operating. As soon as that gets running you can start flying supplies in and people out in mass.

3. While rescue efforts continue get workers in there to get the city's dikes and pumps working again. This will cut down on potential sickness as well easing transportation and raising the city's moral.

4. After the city is clear of refugees clear main roads and extend rescue operations. As areas are cleared of survivors began clearing the city of rubble. At the same time crack down on looting and restore order. Until that is done, you can't restart the town.

5. Restart the city's infrastructure. (Get power back on, water running, sewers operating, gas shipments coming in...) During this time, get the oil companies working on their rigs.

6. Repair the port area. Get shipping back in the harbor. (More supplies can come in this way and at a lesser price)

7. Start rebuilding the town. Getting it safe to live in. Help people move into their new homes.

8. Now start looking for ways to protect the city from this type of disaster again. Look at things like stronger dikes for starters then branch out into building a breakwater or two to brake the force of the waves. Explore other options.

That's about all I can think of. But that town needs help and fast! Folk's, everyone remember to pray for these people how are down there tonight. Pray that help gets to them soon. Pray that the Lord will watch over then as the live through this horror. Pray for those who cannot locate loved ones.

May the Lord protect and save them all.

Update: Hey guys! As I have again been watching the news I was excited to see the army/national guard doing pretty much what my ideas were in New Orleans! They have already done numbers one and two and are working on 3. Kinda cool huh? :-)

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