Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Internet Problems: Agent Tim Saves The Day

Hello readers of this fine blog! I, Agent Tim, have completed the hacking process on The Blogging Boy Scout's blog, and have finally entered and gained access codes making me capable of posting the words you read here.

Well...not quite.

Travis emailed me and asked me to let you guys now that he is fighting Internet problems on his computer (sounds familiar!) and cannot currently blog. (Even though he is bursting with news of the Supreme Court, John Roberts, and the U.S. Open.) So please join with me in earnest prayer for Travis and his computer, wishing the computer a speedy recovery and Travis a speedy return to the blogosphere.



Kristin said...

Hope he gets his internet back.

We had to buy a new modem and now everything's fixed. That's part of the reason we were delayed from leaving this afternoon.

MVB said...

We'll be here

MVB said...

Wow, for some reason my message got posted before I was ready, I was going to say, we'll be here when you get it fixed.