Friday, September 30, 2005

A Political Perusal

Hello everyone!

I have decided to begin a new line of posts here at the Blogging Boy Scout called "A Political Perusal". This posts will contain a question of interest to me, which I will ask any readers to answer with a post or comment. If you answer with a blogpost, I will give you a link on a summary post and hopefully send your blog some new readers. Here is the question I would like you to answer.

The War in Iraq - Right or Wrong?

So please send in your answers! Some bloggers who I would love to see tackle this topic are:

Agent Tim

D3's Blog




The Account

The Rebelution

But, anyone is allowed to participate, although I do reserve the right to edit or reject articles. This does not mean I will kick an article just because it is anti-war, it just means I retain sole editing power if some odd incident should bestir itself.

Please write away! Please post a comment and tell me when you have it done. The deadline for entry's is Wednesday.

Update: After some council with my good friend Agent Tim, I have extended the deadline for articles to Wednesday to allow for more time to get out the word about the event and encourage new and old bloggers to join in.


SecDef said...

"This does not mean I will kick an article just because it is anti-war"

Uh-oh...did you just reveal your bias? :D :D :D

Travis said...

ROFL! You are so funny. *big grin*

agenttim said...

Travis...I'll see what I can do to promote this. We'll kick it off somehow. Can you move the deadline back some though?

justin said...

Travis, I posted an answer to your question on my blog, Take a look, see what you think. I'm new to all this blog stuff, so my site is pretty bare at this point. Looking forward to seeing the responses you get.

hanananah said...

I have an essay posted on my blog that I wrote at the beginning of this year regarding the Iraq War, if you're interested in reading it.

Lita said...

I wrote one for Virtue Magazine, back a long time ago - it's in Issue 2.

David Ketter said...

Me? certainly think too much of my opinion, Trav. (mind if I call you Trav? ;) )...

I'll see what I can do but this week is BUUUUUUSSSY.

Grace and Peace, brother!