Monday, September 12, 2005

News of Interest

Here is a roundup of some news I found interesting.

Supreme Court News
Senate to start Roberts' hearings today
Click here to sign a petition in support of John Roberts. carries the story.
Who to replace O'Conner? What about Edith Jones?

U.S. Tennis Open
Federer wins 2nd straight U.S. Open title
Comments: WOW! I didn't get to watch that game. Andre Agassi vs. Roger Federer. That had to be an incredible game. Having played tennis in our homeschool tennis team for 3 years, watching the U.S. Open really makes me want to start playing again. One way I could play competitively again would be to join the USTA. (or United States Tennis Association)

General News of interest
Ford, Honda unveil latest hybrid autos
Comments: Maybe these will offer Americans some more fuel economic options. I personally think I might go for a traditional vehicle, just because I bet these are harder (and more expensive) to work on.

Virtue Magazine's newest issue is up!
See my final article on Christianity in Government by clicking here.
Click these links for parts one and two.

Generous Home Educators Reach Out to Home Schooling Hurricane Victims

Eagle Scout Pens a 'Moving' Defense of the Boy Scouts
Comments: A fellow Eagle Scout writes what looks to be a great defense of the Boy Scouts policy.
Calif. Governor Plans to Veto Homosexual 'Marriage' Bill; Traditionalists Pleased
Comments: Good deal.

4th Anniversary of 9/11

Yes, it has already been four years. And four years of kicking Taliban turbans. This administration has been defending our nation in the very best way, by keeping terrorists on the ran or fighting our highly skilled military and not civilians in New York or elsewhere.

See this site for any information you might want about 9/11(pictures, notes, etc.).
SpunkyJunior also posts on that topic.

That's all for now! It is getting hot and I have yet to feed the bovine yet this morning. *grin*

Please comment on any issue that strikes your fancy.

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