Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Doing better!

Hey guys!

Just a quick update on my health, I am feeling better, but since the pollen levels are so high right now here in OK, when I when outside today my throat got sore again. BUT, a cool front is moving through and I am hoping that will settle all that stuff down.

In other news:

I got the book "Blog" from the library today! I am really looking forward to reading it and I hope to share my thoughts about it with you guys.
Also here are a news story I found to be of interest.

Intelligent design faces first big court test @ MSNBC

Darwin's theory is just that, a theory @ Virtue Blog

This case is centered on the question:
Can a specific scientific theory that covers all the facts about life on earth AND points out gaping holes in any other theory, be taught in public school because said theory happens to contain a Creator?

To ban this theory for schools in unthinkable, if the theory fits and explains the facts better then all others, it should be taught in school, regardless or the fact that in contains a Creator. That is just pure untarnished science.
My personal ability to debate this point needs work,(I tend to spend to much time on constitutional issues *grin*) however if you would like to do so, I would like to recommend a good friend of mine who specializes in discussions of this sort. His blog is Rejection of Mediocrity so if you would like a good debate on this topic, please give him a try. *grin*

That's all for now!
The Blogging Boy Scout,


Ertuon said...

I don't think intelligent design should be the only thing taught in schools; rather I think it should be taught as an alternative to evolution. If intelligent design were the only thing being taught, evolutionists could rightly argue that we were legislating “religion.” But if it were taught as an alternative, I don't think that they could argue against it since so many people want it taught. Besides that, it explains the facts a lot better than evolution and so is certainly worthy of being called science and not merely religion.

Travis said...

Hmm, interesting thoughts Gabriel.

The thing I was trying to bring out in my post was, just because a scientific theory contains a Creator does not mean it is forbidden from public schools. If the best theory (That is a theory that covers and explains all the facts, which Creation does) happens to contain a Creator that theory should not be banned from the public sphere. That is an attempt to brainwash kids into believing a theory just because it is "politically correct". BTW I have no problem with the teaching of microevolution in schools, however I have a big problem with macroevolution being presented as truth.

Thanks for you comment! I have seen your blog before but I didn't link it. I will try to get that link up for you. *grin*

Have a good one Gabriel!