Friday, June 17, 2005

Top headlines on Fox News

Christian School's Gov't Funds Raise Cain

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Comments: This is just one more example of liberals trying to eradicate our Christian history and heritage and remove any Christianity from government(or schools).

Number 2 Democrat on capitol hill compares American troops to Nazis

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Comments: A U.S. Senator bashes troops over interrogations of terrorists.

Any thoughts on these news stories? If so, comment below.

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Bob said...

I commented on the Durbin issue on my blog and had a few good links to other sources related to his comments. As the father of a soldier, I can be quite honest in stating that Mr. Durbin is reprehensible. His actions, designed solely to attack the Bush administration, smack of hypocrisy in light of some of the things happening in his own backyard. At the same time, they diminish the horror of what happened in the Concentration Camps, the Gulags of Siberia and the killing fields of Cambodia. If ignorance really was bliss, you might think that Mr. Durbin could be the happiest man alive.