Wednesday, June 08, 2005

This Weeks Book Bag and One Great Video

Hey guys! Here is this week's list of library books!

For shear, heart pounding, historical, adventure, three books by the boy historian, G. A. Henty!

1. The Young Carthaginian
2. By Right of Conquest
3. Beric the Briton

Also in the book bag this week...
4. Debating - Applied Rhetorical Theory
5. Speaking in Public
6. Napoleon
7. The Right to Bear Arms
8. The Case of Roe v. Wade

Also we checked out an absolutely incredible video while at the library. I would highly recommend this tape to anyone. It is called:

America’s Godly Heritage

Guys, if you watch one movie this year, watch this one!!!! Author and historian David Barton shines the light on "separation of church and state" and the controversy over prayer and Christianity in School. This tape will change how you think about America and will wipe away many misconceptionss the humanists have been throwing at us for years.

Please watch this film!!!! :-)

That's all for now, have a good day everyone!

The Blogging Boy Scout,


Kristin said...

I LOVE David Barton! He has a wealth of knowledge and it's fun to watch him. I would also recommend The Spiritual Heritage of the United States Capitol. It's an interesing movie and it's only one hour long!

As for the public speaking, I should get some books out on that subject! I am terribe at speaking in front of people!


Talon said...

Hey Travis. You found my blog and now I've found yours. Great stuff! I've added the link to my roll.
Keep it up!
~Kevin -

Agent Tim said...

Hey Travis! I think I may have a few of Barton's videos! I'll have to check them out...never have seen them :P