Monday, June 20, 2005

Boy Scout Missing in Utah

An 11 year old Boy Scout, Brennan Hawkins has turned up missing in the mountains of Utah. He is the second scout to go missing in these mountains. The other scout, a 12 year old Garrett Bardsley, has been missing since last August.

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Comments: Guys, this is terrible. Both of these young men were lost while walking approximately two hundred yards from their camp site. This has been all over the scout forums and one of the main reasons given for their disappearance was the violation of one of the chief rules of scouting, the buddy system. Both of these boys were would by themselves, had they had a buddy, their chances of survival would have been much better. A young man who is alone can fall into a river and never be heard from again, but two young men can protect each other and provide aid or call help if necessary. May the Lord help their family's as they go through this difficult time. Please pray for young Brennan as the search for him continues.

"Rejoice with those who rejoice, and weep with those who weep."
Rom 12:15

The Blogging Boy Scout,


David Ketter said...

Ach! Such a sad thing this is...

Kristin said...

I heard on the news that they confirmed that they found Brennan. I sure hope they're right!


Travis said...

Yes, Kristin! They did find him! Yippee!