Saturday, June 18, 2005

Poll Results

Hey Guys!

I have added a new poll question and posted the results of the old one. The new poll question is "Should voluntary audio prayer be allowed in public schools?

I am also doing research for my article on separation of Church and State. I have been wanting to write this article for some time, but it always seems to fall by the wayside. After watching the David Barton video, America's Godly Heritage, a whole new world of information has opened up to me on this subject. This video includes the names of the various court cases that removed public prayer, Bible reading, and other such from school. These names allow me to search the internet for information on these cases. With the information available over the internet, I hope to present a well, written article to you, my readers. Now here are the last polls results:

Vote For your Favorite Article
What type of posts would you like to see on the Boy Scout Blogger?

Historical Articles (0)0%
Political Posts (2)7%
Christian Living (8)30%
Boy Scouting (6)22%
Posts about the daily life of Travis (2)7%
Encouragement for young men in the Lord (8)30%
Other (1)4%

Total Votes: 27

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