Friday, June 03, 2005

Impeachment and Lawmaking

Boy, what a wild 24 hours we just had! Our governor was elected, then impeached for lying, then acquainted by the supreme court. It has got a bunch of people stirred up.

In other news:
We passed a bill placing voluntary prayer back in public school! :-D
Also we passed a bill forbidding gay couples from adopting.

We are all very happy to be going home tomorrow. :-D

Have a great day all!
The Blogging Boy Scout,


Derek said...

What state do you live in? What's the name of the gov.?

*is curious*

Lita said...

Hey Travis, I see you haven't been on Basecamp for don't want to be "DOOMED....DOOMED!" do you? ;-) J/K

Travis said...

Ahh, Derek,
Hey! :-) This post refers to a mock goverment session I took part in while at Boys State. It was a wild week!

hehe ok, I just logged in now. Thank you.

The Blogging Boy Scout,