Thursday, May 26, 2005

Site Updates and Lawn Mowing

Hey guys!

Today, I finished mowing the yard, read my library book about the Crusades, as well as doing other chores around the house. Which did not leave much time for blogging. :-( However more updates soon.

Have a great day all!
The Blogging Boy Scout,


Kerry Doyal said...

Question for Kerry Doyal. What about the liberal efforts to remove prayer from school, Creation from school, and the Ten Commentments from the Court House steps in Alabama? Also the Deomacrats are out to protect abortion. (murder of unborn children) Add to that the liberals support of gays and that about throws me head over heels into the conservitive party. The men I see who stand up against these evils are conservitives. So why be a liberal?

My 2 cents.

Posted by: Travis at May 10, 2005 01

An Answer -belated - from Kerry Doyal
Howdy! FYI:
We home school our kids
I am an Assitant Scout Master
I am a conservative & a Christian
- yet cannot ignore that there are many other Christians that are quite different in their leanings, yet sincerely love Jesus too.

As we Scouts say: Be prepared... to serve Jesus! Have a great summer, my friend.


Travis said...
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Travis said...

Ahh thank you sir! :-) I believe we have a bit of a misunderstanding going on. (At least on my part) When we were commenting over at Tim's blog, I thought you were the liberal fellow we were talking to. I am sorry, my bad. :-/

I am glad to meet you sir! As to my comment, I guess I was asking this other fellow, why as a Christian he would wish to support a party that supports so meny un-Christian ideals. That was what I was going for in my comment. But, anyway, I am very glad to meet a homeschooling, scouting, dad out here in the vast web of the internet! Thanks for visiting my blog! :-D

The Blogging Boy Scout,