Thursday, May 12, 2005

The "NO" guy :-)

I don't know about you, but our whole family will dash to the living room just to see the "NO" commercials Capitol One is running these days. Man, those are funny! Here is a sample. *Man sits in cubicle, phone rings* CALLER: May I redeem my credit card miles? MAN: No. CALLER: But, I'm in Chicago it's freezing out here. MAN: Euw, I predict a no storm. CALLER: Can my miles get me to Saint Thomas? MAN: Saint happenen CALLER: Hawaii? MAN: A-NO-ha CALLER: Cabo? MAN: CobNO maybe CALLER: Who's in charge over there? MAN:That would be our C.E.NO And that's just one of the 7 commercials! Then it goes on into the blurb about the Capitol on NO hassle card. You can watch one of them here. But anyway, now the GOP has got in on the act! has a movie up here claiming the Democrats "NO" everything. Go figure. :-) The Blogging Boy Scout, Travis

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Kristin said...

Our family loves these commercials too! We especially like the one you posted! I was laughing so hard after I saw this one that I hurt all over! I'll have to see that GOP one.