Friday, May 13, 2005

Dental appointment today

Hey guys!

Well, at the title suggests, today I am off to a dental appointment! :-)
I hope to talk to you all later!

The Blogging Boy Scout,

News Flash!
I just saw this...

The ACLU wants felons to be able to vote(?)

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David Ketter said...

As far as felons voting, I'm kinda torn on the issue...

While on a missions trip in Atlanta, I got to know some ex-felons - fully recovered and now born again believers. They were rather disappointed that they could not vote (and, from their discussions, I could see they were going to make a MORAL vote...).

Maybe if there was a way that some of them could gain the a sort of test, or something. I mean, I know it's up to the states ("to determine the time and manner of elections") but some sort of solution would be good.

-David Ketter

Travis said...

Hmm, yeah? I really hadn't thought much about this issue until your comment. I guess the only thing I would not want would be persons in jail voting(while they were still serving time). After they get out it would seem right and just that they be allowed to vote. Thanks for pointing that out.

By the way, thanks for visiting! Nice to meet you!

The Blogging Boy Scout,