Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Book bag once again!

Here are the books I have currently checked out for the library.

1. Best Little Stories from World War II

This small volume contains small, but exciting stories from WWII.

2.The Adventures of Robin Hood


3.The Crusades

More on the history of the Middle East

4.Careers in Government

This book should be most interesting.

5.Board of Education vs. Pico
This book is about a court case concerning book banning for library's.

6.History of American Presidential Elections, Volume XI
Resent presidential politics. H.W. Bush, Clinton, etc.

7. Three Boys Life magazines
Boy Scout Stories and other such


Agent Tim said...

#4 and #5 sound interesting. Ever thought of doing book reviews on your site?

Travis said...

Hmm, yes I have. Maybe I should look into that. Thanks for the idea! :-)

The Blogging Boy Scout,