Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Companies Ban 'Christmas,' Not Worried About Backlash

Another timely AFA email. It is particularly interesting considering our last episode of Square Talk Radio.

Dear Travis,

Several retailers have joined in the push to ban the use of "Christmas" in their in-store promotions and retail advertising. The new push to eliminate "Christmas" and replace it with "Happy Holidays," "Season's Greetings," etc. is gaining ground with several retailers participating. Not wanting to offend a handful of complainers, these companies are willing to offend the vast majority who hold Christmas as a time to celebrate the birth of Christ. Their attitude is that those who identify themselves as Christians don't care if they eliminate "Christmas." While it is too late to make changes this year, we have already sent letters to several major retailers we have identified as participating in banning "Christmas," asking them to put Christmas back into their in-store promotions and retail advertising next year. We have sent letters to the chairmen of Target, Home Depot, Wal-Mart, Kmart/Sears, Costco, Kohl's and Lowe's about their practice. (Lowe's even refuses to promote their trees as Christmas trees, but calls them "Holiday Trees." Their toll-free number is 1-800-445-6937.) Please sign our petition letting these companies know that banning "Christmas" in their promotions and advertising next year will result in a loss of business. As we identify other companies participating in this practice, we will contact them. We need your support to be effective. That is why we need your petition. Please help us get the word out by forwarding this to your friends and family. Many of them will want to participate. We will keep you informed on which companies make changes and which ones refuse.

Click Here To Sign The Petition Now! Thanks for caring enough to get involved.

Donald E. Wildmon, Founder and Chairman American Family Association

Comments from Travis: I feel that removing the "Christmas" from Christmas is tacky at best, liberal pandering at worse. Why is there no problem with Halloween decorations in department stores? Why is Christmas the one major holiday they must single out for "politically correct editing"? Please support the AFA and sign this petition.


Reggie said...

Done. I posted about this very same subject. Good job!
It seems a shame that Americans can’t celebrate in whatever way they choose without some segment of the population deciding that Christmas must go in the name of multiculturalism. Gee, we can’t even be part of the multi.

Jack's Shack said...

My response to this is here

Chellie said...

I was just about gearing up to go shopping when I decided to check who's banning Christmas. Walmart is a personal favorite of mine. Not anymore... I, like I'm sure all of you are dearly tired of the way it is just okay to offend the Christians, hey I suppose they figure we'd just turn the other cheek. Sure, smack my cheek. But my money will NOT go to you this Christmas!

Chellie said...

Just had a great idea. Go to one of these stores, load up as much as you can, let 'em ring it up. And just before you part with your Christian dollars, ask to speak to the manager, ask him the question, which is obviously - no they dont acknowledge Christmas, and then you walk out. It work great of some Christians with guts can do it in groups of 10 or 20!

Jack's Shack said...


All you are going to do is irritate the people around you. You'll piss off the people who were waiting in line behind you and piss off the managers too.

It is not a real effective way to affect change.

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