Saturday, November 05, 2005

Blog Round Up

Group Updates:

A Sidetracked Focus is new new group blog designed for Christian Blble study for teen and others. Please havea look!
(Founding members include: Spunky Jr., Tim Sweetman, Mission 3:6Teen and Coie Igarashi)

Virtue Mag is up!
(Private Note: My article on why Miers resigned is up here)

Square Talk Radio should be doing its gun control show soon.

Personal Blog Round-up:

Agent Tim posted about the HITMAN shows. *grin*

D3 is gone up the the mountains somewhere.

The Kings Highway brings us a great post called "Liberals' opinion on the War in Iraq"
*Hint: They flip-flopped)

Mission36Teen has a great post on Trusting the Lord.

Pete is out of pocket, but he endorses Alito for SCOTUS.

With stories like this (Hat Tip: PersecutionBlog) who can believe that Mohomandism is a peaceful religion?

ROFL! ReliablePolitics lists some terribly funny warning lables. Have a look.

SecDef played paintball the other day!

Smarthomeschool posts about HITMAN as well as a cool blogger program that lets you see which links your visitors click on! Sounds really cool...

Yikes! Sold Out warns us of incoming lawyers, for bloggers. Have a look.

SpunkyJunior takes on Xanga (Watch out Kristin, some Xanga crazy lawyer might sue you...) /end of bad joke *grin*

David Ketter is taking a break from blogging for a time.

The Rebelution brings us the story of post prime time Katrina survivors.

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Kristin said...

LOL at some Xanga crazy lawyer might sue you...

That's too funny! Also, thanks for the ASTF shoutout :)