Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Alito cheered by Conservatives

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AP News and Commentary:

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Abortion battle looms after Bush names new top court pick

Conservatives enthusiastic about Alito

This morning, praise keeps rolling in from the right side of the isle supporting Alito, while from the lift comes whining and muttered threats of filibuster. Just what a conservative loves to hear on a judicial nominee, cheering Republicans and booing Democrats. And to top it all aff the "gang of 14" or "mod squad" is said to be breaking up. When Democrats like Sen. Barbara Boxer started throwing out quotes like,"The filibuster's on the table," right wing members of the "mod squad" such as Sen. Mike DeWine began to pull out.

"If someone would filibuster ... I would be prepared to vote to change the rules," said Sen. Mike DeWine, R-Ohio.
DeWine is one of the 14 centrist senators that Democrats need to sustain a filibuster of a Supreme Court nominee. Without the group's seven Republicans, Democrats would not be able to prevent Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist, R-Tenn., from abolishing judicial filibusters and confirming judges with just the Senate's 55-member Republican majority.

The Democrats are on a downhill slide and the Republican leadership is getting ready for any desperate actions the liberals might throw at them.

Sen. Bill Frist said he's ready to move against judicial filibusters, using what Republicans call the "constitutional option," if Democrats force him to. "If a filibuster comes back, I'm not going to hesitate," he told "The Tony Snow Show" on Fox News.

What better way to start a day in Washington?

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Bonie and Clyde said...

Great. A nominie to tear apart out nation, when we need a uniter...

Sad how much this president wants to ruin this land.

Miers was a much better choice, except she was assasinatied by her right wing brethren, who like a pack of wolves, will now turn their attention to Alito.