Thursday, March 03, 2005

Virtue Magazine recognized on Evangelical Outpost!!!

"...Take, for example, the group of conservative students studying Constitutional Law(!) who banded together to start Virtue, a bi-weekly with articles on politics, the economy, Christian life, and the Supreme Court...From their bios it appears that many of the students are home schooled, which would explain why they can write better than 75% of the blogosphere. But what I can't comprehend is why someone like fourteen-year-old Tim Sweetman is writing a defense of marriage..."

Read more at Evangelical Outpost!

Congratulations to Tim, Alex and all the other great writers over at Virtue, Magazine!

The Blogging Boy Scout,

Travis :-D

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Agent Tim said...

WHOOOHOOO! I can't believe it! This is soooo awsome! I e-mailed Mr. Carter and he liked Virtue. But now I'm "indoctrinated" because I'm homeschooled :(

No siree. I've decided for myself.