Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Wow, what a night!

Well, today has been a very good day. I lifted some weights, read a little, and feed cows with dad. Boy, it was beautiful here tonight! We had a full moon out and the sky was so clear and bright! I always enjoy gazing into the heavens on nights life this, and just thinking about how little we really are. Down here with all our worldwide events, and yet, there is so much greater still. If you were to travel to one of those distant heavenly bodies, God would be there. If, you traveled, down deep in the sea, He would be there. If you climbed the highest mountain, He would be there. And yet, with all that, He cares for me, one little speck, a little dot down here on this planet, in a pasture, somewhere in the state of Oklahoma. I am reminded of the following verse:

"If His eye is on the sparrow, then I know He watches me"

Praise God!



Jake said...

That sounds awesome Travis!

P.S. Is it snowing over there? Because it's coming down pretty hard over here!

Travis said...

Nope a little sleet, and a lot of rain, but no snow!