Thursday, January 20, 2005

Running commentary

President Bush declared today, a celebration of Freedom, Honor and Service.
Mr. Bush and family just got back to the White house, from a pre-inaugural church service.
The speech is in it's 22nd draft.
The speech's theme includes freedom and liberty.
Only 16 presidents have served a second term. (hmm..I thought there where more then that)
This is the 55th presidential inaugural.
The United States is the oldest surviving democracy still in existence.
Job approval for Mr. Bush? 50% Like Him, 44% Don't Like Him
Mr. Bush won 85% of the counties in the United States.
Barbara and Jenna are handing out special fleece blankets to VIP's for the inaugural.
NBC is about to talk about the presidents faith!
How many Americans feel good about the next four year? 58% Feel good 36% Don't
The speech is said to be about 17 minutes long.
The president is leaving the white house in his new Cadillac limousine. It has 4-inch thick bullet proof glass, and it's own ventilation system.
Washington is crawling with security.
The presidential cavalcade has reached the capital.
The Clintons have just arrived.
The Color guard is marching in!
The Carters just came in.
The music is starting...
Song "Heal our Land"
Mr. Bush and Mrs. Bush, 41" are stepping out onto the platform, with Barbara and Jenna.
Mrs. Bush the younger is coming towards the door.
Mrs. Cheney is coming out.
Mrs. Bush just came out!
Mr. Cheney is coming out.
President George W. Bush is stepping out onto the platform!
Song "Bless this House"

Praise the Lord for our country! May she ever remain a Christian nation!

Mr. Cheney just took the oath!
Song "Let them say of Me"
Introducing Chief Justice Rehnquist
Mr. Bush is taking the oath!
The speech has started!
WOW What a speech!
Star Spangled Banner

End of running commentary

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