Friday, January 14, 2005

Our Christian Heritage

Hey Guys,
I have just finished watching an interview with Mr. And Mrs Bush on ABC. I greatly enjoyed the interview and will highlight what stood out to me.

Mrs. Bush said that she wants to reach out to boys this next term. She said that now:

1. Less boys are going to collage.
2. More boys are getting into trouble.
3. Boys need more life skills training.
4. She said she would promote programs that are already set up for boys. (Like Boy Scouts maybe? :-)

She also said she hopes the next four years, parents will pay more attention to their children.
I am in complete agreement. I am so thankful for all the time my parents spend with me! My mom left a teaching job to homeschool me and my siblings. I am so grateful! I don't know where I would be without the biblical teaching of my mom and dad. We have a support group of people that all home school and all the people at our church home school. I don't know of anyone who would object to children learning to obey their parents and learn about the incredible Christian heritage left to us by our forefathers! I tell you what, I just love to study this nation's history and also the history of this world! There are so many story's of great Christian hero's! During the framing of our Constitution, the delegates could not agree on what kind of constitution this country should have, after much fruitless discussion, Benjamin Franklin addressed the body in this famous call to prayer:

This is one of the many things left out of public school text books. There is so much history that is swept under the rug! We should be allowed to pray in public school! If our forefathers would use the great power of prayer, why should we deprive our schoolchildren of the same power? The text books should display our true history! It really doesn't matter if it "offends" someone! It is just the truth! If I told some one that if they walked off a cliff, they would fall, they could get offended, but it would still be the truth! It is not a matter of Christian "bias", it is only telling the truth as our forefathers handed it down to us! Our nation was founded by godly men who believed in God and prayed to Him for help and guidance! Every President since Washington has finished his oath of office with the words: "So help me God". What do schoolchildren hear about this? Can you hear this in a school room today?

"As our forefathers were creating the constitution, they found that with human reason they could not make a nation that would last a month, let alone 200 years, so kids, they had a recess and prayed to the one true God for guidance".

Oh my, the ACLU and the atheists would be jumping up and down shouting "fowl play". However there would be nothing wrong. The teacher would only be telling the truth. The Christian blood of our nation does not stop here! There are many many cases where our forefathers showed their faith! The First Amendment was created by men who had just spent two weeks seeking "divine guidance". These men were not in the resulting words banning religion, NO, far from it. They were protecting it(the church) from the snares of government! At that time the church in England was controlled by the king! The king therefore could meddle in church affairs for political reasons! That was what our forefathers wanted to stop! There was no thought in these men that their children should be kept from the teaching of the Bible! I quote Mr. Thomas Jefferson:

"I have said and always will say that the studious perusal of the sacred volume[the Bible] will make better citizens, better fathers, and better husbands"

What more could a person want then to be a better citizen, father, or husband? I now quote Mr. Andy Jackson:

"That book, sir, is the rock on which our republic rests."

Now on to Abraham Lincoln:

"I believe the Bible is the best gift God has ever given man. All the good from the Savior of the world is communicated to us through this book. But for it we would not know right and wrong"

I rest my case. The true history of our nation should be placed in our public schools. There should be an accurate account of the work God has done in this nation. What parent would not have their child to grow up to be a man like Abraham Lincoln? Every man who has served in the Oval Office has proclaimed to know God. President Bush represents the majority of our nation at this time, and I praise the Lord, the he[Bush] is our President. The Republican party's first president was Lincoln, and they continue the great tradition of moral values, with a pro-life, and traditional marriage agenda. I can only wish they pushed this agenda more. I hope that as the knowledge of our Christian forefathers grow, godly men will raise to the forefront, in our government, behind our pulpits, and across our land. Our nation has been a Christian nation from the very beginning and I sure see no reason to stop now.

God Bless America,
The Blogging Boy Scout,

P.S. This turned out to be more then just my thoughts about Bush's interview, but oh well, I don't mind. :-)

All presidential quotes taken from A Beca Book, American Government, page 111.


Agent Tim said...

Yes, you're right--true history should be put down in our textbooks instead of hiding it. We deserve to know. And people do have the choice to accept or reject it. But it's true whether you reject it or not. Even Thomas Jefferson said that our nation must be founded on the principals of the Bible.


Ray said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog Travis. I like what you have set up here. Keep up the great work. Be careful of those agnostics who would try to use small parts of our founding fathers words to try and destroy the truth about how they really felt about GOD.
I have run across these people throughout the internet and they range from the misguided to the agents of leftist change. You have learned a great truth and your parents should be proud of themselves and you. Keep up the great work!