Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Modified tanks of D-Day

Well, it looks like the time to update the blog. I am sorry I have not been bloging as regular as I have in times past. I hope to change that soon though! :-) Well, yesterday we went to town, to take my sister to voice lessons and we also went by the library! I got three books, one about D-day in World War II, and two about cars. The one about D-day is pretty neat, it tells about the defenses on the beach and the weapons and tactics the Allies used to go through them. For example, some of the neatest things that were invented for the invasion were the brainchild of a Major-General Percy Hobart. He invented a series of modified tanks that could do specialized work on the battlefield. One tank was able to swim ashore under it's own power and land at the same time as the troops. With this ability, the heavy firepower of a 33-ton Sherman tank, would be there to back up the ground troops from the very earliest point in the battle. Two types of tanks were equipped with mortars or flamethrowers instead of cannons, another with a spool of road material that it laid down as it went forward, making a serviceable road on a beach where vehicles bogging down could be a problem. Another tank was designed for laying bridges across any obstacles. There are other tanks in the book, but these are the highlights. I hope everyone has a good day!

I will try to blog more later,
The Blogging Boy Scout,