Thursday, January 12, 2006

The Job, The Hearing, World War II, and Horse Cloning.

Hello everyone,

Well, I have finished my 4th day on the job and am starting to get the hang of things around the store. Last week was a fun but busy week. The campaigns for Senate are running full steam over at the GenJ Online Government. Can't tell to much about that until it is all over, but I can tell you that our dear friend David Ketter is in the running for President! :-)

I got to hear Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh a lot today, and one of their main topics was Samuel Alito's confirmation hearings and especially the fact that Mrs. Alito burst into tears at one point. I haven't looked into this enough to have a head-fast opinion yet, but something smells rotten in DC.

I have been reading up a good bit of late on the Second World War. with emphasis on the Desert and Air Wars. I borrowed some very worthy volumes on these topics from my Grandma's husband Larry and I have been greatly enjoying reading them. :-)

Now on to another topic. The other day, Dad was reading an article about horse cloning. Here in Oklahoma they are working on cloning prize winning horses to sell for very high prices. My question is, when and if this practice become widespread, will horse prices plummel? For example, if they were to clone a really nice horse, (we will call this horse Black Beauty") the first say hundred clones will bring really good money. But what would happen if cloning became so widespread that there was hardly a uncloned horse left. What if you could run to the sale barn and buy a "Black Beauty#7842" for a song? What would our world be like if this became widespread? (Not just in horses, but in any animal) Would livestock prices fall? Would we ever have "uncloned" livestock again? Please leave me your thoughts in a comment.

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MVB said...

Alito has done excellent so far, even thought the Democratic Senators have been really tough. ( Overly tough)

Palm boy said...


Kierstyn Paulino said...

Yeah, what good is a clone gonna do? is it even edible? lol. and its a cheap spin off the real thing, eventually that would lower the price.......

Anyway, glad that your work is going well (sorry I never got a chance to IM you back this afternoon)I heard about Alito's wife makes you low are they willing to go? making the guys wife cry...with the whole nation finding low is that?

Dittos Travis!

k said...

Cloning is an interesting concept. I can see the good in the idea, but I fear that it would be turned into a type of "mass life" production system.

As for the food it would make, that's no good. Prices are low enough.