Monday, December 12, 2005

News Byte: Virtue Magazine and HITMAN

Hello everyone!

A quick post this morning before I head down to my Grandma's house to save her computer from the depths of spyware and general sluggishness. :-)

Virtue Magazine came out today!

And the smashing drama of Patrick Henry College, HITMAN has released its newest video into cyberspace! Not only that, but a buddy of mine got in on the action! His name is Jonathan Kanary and he is acting as the Checnian (sp?) leader in this episode.

More soon!


Jay said...

Great site! I would love to exchange links with you. My blog is called Stop The ACLU Let me know, thanks, Jay

a random HITMAN cast member (yes, I had lines in both episodes this season) said...

Regarding your comment on the HITMAN fan blog... the "cast and crew" of HITMAN have not much at all to do with how the show is run. The director of the SMN calls those shots. The truth is, if Mr. Noa wants it to keep going, it will keep going. If he wants to end it, it will end dramatically and stunningly. Just wait for Episode 3.