Monday, December 19, 2005

LAN Party

Today I had 3 of my buddies over for a LAN party. We had 4 computers and a Game Cube set up and we had a blast. (Quite literally)

One of the games we played was called Jedi Outcast. We were running all over the map having saber duals and blaster shoot-outs. Then we tried out another game called "Clone Wars" in which the four of us worked together to defeat waves and waves of attacking droids. I was the last one standing on that game. *grin*
After that we played a game called "Carnivores CityScape" in which you act out the part of a military team who is sent in to rescue the crew of a spaceship transporting dinosaurs to earth from a distant planet which was forced to crash outside of a major city. We saved all people we encountered and eliminated all offending dinosaurs. :-D
Then on the Game Cube, we played something called "Mario Cart Double Dash". We raced around the map in cars forged from hallow logs desperately throwing bananas out the back while using mushrooms to rocket us forward. I lost pretty bad on that game. I think I only made second place once. :-( There was this one curve with a BIG pothole. (And I mean BIG!!!) We are talking like the size of a small semi! And falling into it. :-)

In other news, as Alex said recently Square Talk Radio now has a call in number! Just call


to voice your comments on the show! A kindly answering machine will answer your call and then record the comment you would like to send us. Your call might even be aired "live" (whatever that means) on the show! As Alex points out for us the call is not toll free (budget cuts) however if you have free nation wide long distance or the like you should be set to call!

Well, I better finish this up so I can go to bed, (you wouldn't BELIEVE how tired one can get from falling into carnivorous potholes).


*goes of to.....ur....."fall" into bed* *grins sleepily*

The Blogging Boy Scout,

Note: The puns and other sleepy attempts at humor (which may or may not be found guilty of funnyness in a court of law) found in this article are included at no additional charge to the reader and are not recomended for use while buying toothpaste with your poodle or while juggling refrigerator magnets with your mother. If you didn't enjoy it at all or are wondering what in the world happened to Travis' sanity when he fell through that neverending pothole, please feel free to eat a cheeseburger.


Palm boy said...

Jedi Outcast and Clone Wars are awsome.

Jake said...

Wow Travis, I haven't been to your blog in awhile. May I make a suggestion? Try to get more sleep from now on - your cheeseburgers will thank you. ;)