Thursday, December 29, 2005

Fires and Generation Joshua

Hello everyone!

I am sorry I have taken so long to get a new post up, but with Christmas and everything one gets quite busy and blogging seems to drop a bit on the priorities list. But here is an update!

First of all, I had a wonderful Christmas. I got to enjoy many games of ping-pong and pool with my cousins, while enjoying worthwhile conversation with my uncles, aunts and other relatives. My dad got a really cool 2 million candle watt flashlight! It shines the better part of 200 yards. A very cool gift. :-)

Now to our headlines, today we had a large fire across town from us. We are about a foot behind our recommended rainfall and everything is dry as all get out. Sounds like Hannah of Sold Out and our southern brethren in Texas are in just as bad shape.

(Link to CNN article. That Central Oklahoma it mentions? That's us.)

Please pray for an Okie/Texas style gully washer. :-) We have been watering our yard as a precaution, but I am getting of track on my story...

We were going to the city to get some feed when we saw smoke starting to rise. We thought it looked like it was close to one of my cousins property so we picked him up and headed out that way. We found the fire licking at the back edge of his land with the fire department hammering away at it. A group of local farmers and ranchers started in with tractors and disks to clean out the brush around the blaze. We had no such implements at our immediate disposal so we took to helping a lady water down her yard. Her house was in pretty good shape to withstand a blaze as she had two hoses that could both be brought to bear on the side of her house that was near to the blaze. After finishing that we circled the mile section and drove onto my cousins land from the opposite side as the fire with the intention of moving his tractor out of the way if the fire spread in that direction. We arrived in the back of the pasture to find two things, (1) the tractors battery was dead(not good) and (2) the fire department had about gotten the blaze put out. We loaded up the battery then drove my cousin back to his gas station. Now about two hours behind on our feed run, we drove into the city and picked up one ton of feed. Which proved somewhat interesting due to the fact that we only have a half-ton pickup. :-) But we drove about 50 and made it home ok.

In other news, I have been spending a lot of time campaigning for Senator on the Generation Joshua Online Government. I think my campaign is going pretty well, but there is still a lot of time left in the race. I am looking forward to the Senate debates which are coming up very soon.

that's all for now!

Talk to you later and may everyone have a Happy New Year!



Hannah Beth said...

I'll definitely keep praying about the fires....

MVB said...

Yikes! We haven't really had any major fires in my town since I was born.

Do officials know what started the fire?

Travis said...

Thanks Hannah.

I don't think they do Zack. They are just seeming to spring up all over the state. More on that in a new post...