Saturday, August 20, 2005


Well, guys today it happened.
With a bit of planning and preparation, I invited some of the fellows over and we got to play paintball! The guys got here about 7:00 this morning and we walked down to the hay lane to play.
(Note: We use slingshots mostly, as a rule as they are a great deal cheaper to play with. Guns run anywhere from 20 to 1000 dollars whereas a good sling is about 10. PLUS with a sling you can play 4 hours with 200 paintballs whereas a good gun can shoot that many in about 2 minutes)
The second round was most likely my best of the day. I ran across the gap in between hay rows (big round bales) and I saw Jeff and Taylor running down the other side of hay with my name written on two of their paintballs. *gulp* I turned and ran down the row of hay. Jeff was in the lead right behind me. I turned around as he released his paint and missed me by just a hair. I fired and he was out. However Taylor was almost to me and he had a ball in his slingshot and I did not. *gulps again* I took off running back down the lane with Taylor in hot pursuit, loading a new paintball as I ran. I spun around and faced him as his paint streaked past my head. He dove behind the hay reloading. I jumped up and leaned over on top of the hay and popped him in the back as I fell. Yippee! That was fun. :-)

Probably my worse play in the game happened soon after. Coy and I were attacking Jeff from behind the hay bales. He had to much cover to hit without a lucky shot though, so I dashed across the open space of the field to the (hopeful) cover of the hay. I dove around the corner, to run into a paintball. Bradford was sitting right behind the corner ready to blow anyone away who tried to flank. Oh well. :-)

But man, I sure had fun. We are hoping to play again next month.

TTFN, Ta Ta For Now!

The Blogging Boy Scout,

*This was not a BSA activity.


Polka Dotted Pickles said...

Whoo hoo! More paintballing. I really need to do that someday...

MVB said...

Sounds like fun! I've always wanted to go "paintballing", but never have.. I guess it's because I don't have many friends my age to do it with. :)

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