Friday, August 26, 2005

My new book bag!

Hey guys! We went to the library yesterday and I have a new store of great books! Have a look!

Political History:

1. Winston Churchill
A book about one of my favorite British Statesmen. :-)

2. John Adams by David McCullough
I have read Mr. McCullough's book "1776" and have watched the show he hosts on PBS "American experience". He has shown himself to be a great writer and great historian and I look forward to reading this biography by a great author about a great president.

3. Henry Clay and the Art of American Politics
This is a book about one of Americas greatest Congressmen, Henry Clay.

Civil War History:

4. The Coastal War

5. Ironclads of the Civil War

Both of these look exciting.

World War II History:

6. The Italian Campaign
I have read this one before but after watching a movie about a brave monk in the Vatican during this time, I wanted to refresh my memory on the details of that theater.

7. Bombers over Japan
This is a really cool book, writing mostly on the topics of the B-29 bomber and its use in WWII. Since I got to look at a B-17 (a smaller cousin of the B-29) this book is especially interesting.

Just for Fun:
8. Ben and Me
A funny book written about Ben Franklin by his advisor and friend, Amos the mouse. :-)

9. Legends of King Arthur
I have not yet read this one, but I am guessing the Round Table might be included somewhere. : )

10. A Treasury of Great Mysteries - Volume 1
A collection of great mysteries.

Until next time!
*The Boy Scout Blogger pulls on a trench coat and slips away into the blogosphere*


LadyAleka said...

I've heard that McCullough's "John Adams" is good, but I've never read it. Be sure to post what you think about it!

Now, I'm trying to find "Original Intent"... if only someplace has it... :)

SecDef said...

Hoo-ah! Nice books! :)